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Life Is A Challenge

Virtually everyone faces challenges at some time or another in their lives, and we can all benefit from tools that help us work through them better. A lot of the strategies and tactics that we habitually use in an attempt to manage problems, actually are not that helpful.

When we get stressed, sometimes we might try harder and harder to keep things under control. This can mean we then start desperately juggling everything in our lives, repeatedly thinking about things, and reacting impulsively.

At other times, we may attempt to push away our stress, fighting any feelings and thoughts that come up, in the hope that they will disappear. Usually, that does not work! However, there is another approach we can take!

That approach is to use mindfulness!

What You Can Learn From Mindfulness

When practising mindfulness naturally during your daily life, you use a variety of mindfulness techniques that help you:

  1. Stay in touch with the present moment.
  2. Be less caught up in negative thoughts.
  3. Deepen your awareness of yourself and your environment.
  4. Respond more skilfully to events in your life.
  5. Reduce and maintain stress, anxiety and depression to low levels.
  6. Enjoy a more wakeful and happier life.

Sample Mindfulness Breathing Practices

Take a look at a short 1 minute mindfulness breathing exercise, spoken with a British male voice:

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