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Frequently, you may unintentionally repeat affirmations in a negative way. You may say you are unwell, fearful, or inadequate. Every time you say these negative thoughts to yourself, you are programming your minds to believe them and they can become embedded in your mind, defining your life. Fortunately, it is possible to reprogram your mind by using positive affirmations. By repeating positive affirmations, these will also become embedded in your mind until you believe them.

Affirmations are phrases you repeat to yourself with the intent of believing or thinking differently, usually in a positive or beneficial way. My Affirmation audio tracks are designed to change your beliefs. It takes 21 days to absorb a different belief. Listen to my audios repeatedly for 21 days during your day or while you go to sleep. Observe how your mind starts to embrace different beliefs. Repetition is the key to belief.

Each time you read or hear an affirmation, simply repeat it to yourself, out loud, or say it silently in your mind. As you repeat each affirmation, imagine it being totally true and already rooted in your life. Feel the positive meaning in the words as you repeat them. Be relaxed with them and let them merge with your mind and to become a part of you. I recommend practising affirmations daily.

Sample Positive Thinking Affirmations

Positive Thinking Affirmations By Ocean Waves Sunset - Positive Affirmations Spoken Twice By Male - Whether you call them positive affirmations, positive thinking, positive attitude, positive thoughts or positive mindset. Watch, listen and relax to these positive statements to stay positive and manifest what you want in life. Use repetition, this Law Of Attraction technique and the power of positivity for self improvement and learn how to be positive and how to think positive. AFFIRM YOUR POSITIVE THINKING:

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