Hi there!
My name is Richard Griffin and although not a professional, I have always been an enthusiastic taker of photographs for all sorts of occasions. When looking back at my photographs I decided it would be nice and relaxing to convert all my scenic photographs into what I now term as "Image Relaxation Videos". Doing this would help me to relax whilst viewing my photographs. Now I combine my images of natural environments with soothing tranquil music and voice overs to create relaxing videos.
I am enthusiastic about creating image relaxation videos from photos and video clips and combining them with music to create a relaxing experience.
More recently I have begun to use relaxation videos in an attempt to reduce my blood pressure which is caused by a genetic problem with my kidneys. I also have an unpredictable illness which can leave me flat on my back for several days without warning. It was for this reason that I decided to work at home. I needed to find something to do that involved working on my own. I did not want anyone depending on me and I did not want to let people down by not being able to go out to work when they needed me to. I also wanted freedom to work when I wanted to.
I decided I would combine an interest of mine, that is, Relaxation Videos, with business. Thus the ImageRelaxationVideos.com website has been developed as part of a business to provide relaxation products and services that are beneficial to readers.
My aim is to provide you with great image relaxation videos and related information and advice.
My mission is to assist you in finding great image relaxation videos that best suit you in order to give you a relaxing experience.
Best Regards,
Richard Griffin
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