What is Meditation?


Meditation Approach

Coping with stresses and challenges, is part of our lives. With meditation, you discover a different way of handling them, and how you can enjoy life more.

Meditation practices are not new, they have been around for thousands of years. However, recent scientific research shows, how useful they are for reducing stress, anxiety and depression, helping people manage a wide range of physical conditions, and for our general well-being.

Most meditation practices do not contain any religious material and you do not need to accept anything except what you experience for yourself during meditation.

Meditation Definition

Meditation is the concentrated focus of your mind something such as a sound, object, visualisation, the breath, movement, or even your attention itself, with the purpose of increasing your awareness of the present moment, reducing stress, promoting relaxation, and enhancing your personal and spiritual growth.

One could describe meditation as awareness, where you are relaxed but at the same time you are also focused and aware on what you are doing right now. When you act with awareness you are also meditating.

Meditation techniques teach you to remain in the present moment, training your thoughts to be focused instead of letting them dart about untamed. Meditation teaches you to eliminate distracting thoughts to calm your mind. There are different techniques, for example: breath control or focused gazing.

You can still be meditating when walking or listening to music. As long as your mind is free from distracting thoughts, you are meditating.

What Meditation is not!

There are some common myths about meditation that are simply not correct:
  • Meditation is not about “fixing” you;
  • Most meditations do not belong to a religion;
  • Meditation is not an escape from reality;
  • Meditation is not a panacea.
Once you start to practise meditation, you may discover that the experience is rather different to your expectation. You will most likely be pleasantly surprised.


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