Benefits of Mindfulness


Mindfulness Benefits

Learning and practising mindfulness techniques leads to a greater appreciation and engagement with life. It does not really help you to focus on the benefits when you do mindfulness, just do your practices and the benefits will accrue. However, there are many benefits and here are six good reasons to practise mindfulness:

  1. Stress – There is a lot of evidence these days that excessive stress can cause many illnesses and make other illnesses even worse. Mindfulness can help lower your level of stress.
  2. Pain – Pain may be a reality in your life but it does not have to dictate it. Mindfulness can assist you in redefining your relationship with either physical or mental pain.
  3. Concentration – Do you ever recall being frustrated when your mind strayed off what you were doing and being pulled in a number of different directions. Mindfulness improves your inherent ability to focus your mind.
  4. Chatter - Have you noticed a nattering, chattering voice in your head which seems never to leave you alone. Mindfulness can help provide the time to take a little break and reduce your brain chatter.
  5. Communication – Have you ever found yourself gazing vacantly at a friend, partner or child, and you had no idea what they were saying? Mindfulness can help you give people your full attention and make a better connection with them.
  6. Creativity – Mindfulness can help boost your divergent thinking. By doing a mindfulness session before a brainstorming or idea creation session, mindfulness helps you to be less distracted, fully focused and produce better quality ideas.

Once you spend some time practising mindfulness, you will probably discover that you have a shift in your thinking and feel kinder, calmer, and more patient. As you experience these shifts in thinking, you are likely to generate positive changes in other parts of your life as well.

Mindfulness Is Not Just For Bad Times

Mindfulness is not useful just when you are feeling unwell or stressed. It can help you enjoy, a more wakeful, healthier, happier life. You do not have to be stressed at the moment in order to do mindfulness. Actually, mindfulness can be particularly useful to do, when you are not stressed. Once you develop your mindfulness skills, you can then use them more easily when you do get stressed, or life becomes a challenge.

Mindfulness Is Not A Quick Fix

Mindfulness is not a quick fix. Part of mindfulness practice, is being willing to let go of instant solutions. However, if you are motivated, a fresh outlook on things can start to emerge. It can extend, to the whole of your life. When you start practising mindfulness, you are embarking on a journey that can help you, to live more fully, and to really be alive.

Who Can Practice Mindfulness?

There are no barriers to doing mindfulness. Anyone can do it. No matter how old you are or what your physical ability is. Everyone already has the ability to be fully present in the moment. You are not required to change who you are. You can nurture your natural inborn ability with simple daily practices.


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