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A Conceptual Relaxation Video Called “wow tenspace” By Wowinc Tokyo

wow tenspace

The space between the number on count-up. That space is what we consider as time itself. We create that time of the space as an image into the three dimension world. Eleven of “IKEBANAS” are created as three dimension object sand arranged into the vast space. The camera sequentially cathes those works like being thrown into the flow of time one by one.


This simple image relaxation video by Wowinc Tokyo is 2 minutes 27 seconds long and focuses on a single theme of numbers in synergy with with plants or tree branches. It uses some kind of 3D animation technique which appears like still video in combination with music.

Video Components


The theme of the video is nicely focused on numbers in synergy with plants and trees and is good for concentration and relaxation.


The scenes are nice and interesting with numbers on beautiful backgrounds and plants or trees growing out of the numbers.


The audio used in this relaxation video is music which can be described as beautiful, possibly relaxing also.


The video shows numbers in synergy, counting from 1 to 10 with a variety of beautiful backgrounds. The image size is uniform throughout the video and fill the screen completely which aids concentration during relaxation.


There are no transitions in this video to distract the viewer from concentration and relaxation.

Special Techniques

The video uses a 3D animation technique to give the feeling of motion which I think aids relaxation.

A Conceptual Relaxation Video Called “wow tenspace” By Wowinc Tokyo


I’m not sure if this can be called a relaxation video but I came across it when searching for image relaxation videos. It is obviously a popular video and is an amazing piece of art work in my opinion.

As far as relaxation goes, this video can be said to have a hypnotic effect as you watch it in amazement. In that respect it could be said to be relaxing.

As for being used as an ambient background video, it is not long enough to be useful. It would require to be repeated many time, which people may find boring or annoying.