Torrence Griffin

Deep Space Images Relaxation Video With Relaxing Music By Torrence Griffin

Relaxation music- deep space


This Deep Space Images Relaxation Video is 8 minutes 42 seconds long and focuses on a single theme of deep space scenes. The video displays still images in combination with relaxing music. It has almost 2 million views with thousands of likes and comments.

Video Components


Being well focused on a single theme of deep space images, this video theme is good for concentration and relaxation.


The video uses a variety of lovely scenes. I especially like the fantasy type images where there are land or water in the foreground with deep space in the background.


The audio used in this relaxation video is a lovely new age style music by the artist, Electric Skyy, which I found relaxing.


The various scenes of this deep space theme display images of not only planets, suns, moons, asteroids and galaxies but also mountains, hills, lakes, rocks, sky and clouds.

All the images are nice and are displayed for a good length of time to aid concentration and relaxation. However, the image sizes are all different, do not fully fir the screen, and result in black bars around the images which is distracting to concentration and detrimental to relaxation.


The transitions between images are simple cross fades which help maintain a relaxed state. However, they are a little too quick which means they could break concentration and relaxation.

Special Techniques

Some of the images used in this video appear to be combination images, with one image being superimposed, or layered, on top of another image. For example, a land based scene in the foreground may be layered on top of a deep space scene in the background. The result is a fantasy type scene.

Deep Space Images Relaxation Video With Relaxing Music By Torrence Griffin


Regarding relaxation, this Deep Space Images Relaxation Video is ok, with a well focused theme and a good variety of scenes. However, there is room for improvement. The images need to be made the same size and the transition time should be increased

The deep space images are a good theme for an ambient background video and there are a sufficient number of different scenes to maintain interest. The improvements as a relaxation video would also improve it with respect to an ambient background video.