Relaxation Routine – 5 Tips For Developing Your Own

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To Develop your Own Relaxation Routine?

Developing a relaxation routine and getting to grips with the basics of relaxation techniques is not difficult. However it does take practice. You should set aside at a minimum, 10 to 20 minutes each day for practicing your chosen relaxation techniques.

If you want more relaxation, try to do from 30 to 60 minutes. Does that seem too much of a commitment? Or do you have a busy schedule? If so, bear in mind that many short relaxation techniques can be incorporated within your daily routine while doing other things!

Here are 5 tips for busy people to find time for relaxation:

  1. At a desk during rest breaks – use stretching exercises to keep your neck, back, arms, hips and wrists in good working order;
  2. On a train or bus journey – use muscle relaxation by tensing and releasing individual muscles;
  3. Walking up and down stairs – use mindfulness to coordinate breathing with each step you take;
  4. Waiting for an appointment or in a queue – use simple deep breathing exercises to increase oxygen circulation and relieve tension;
  5. While doing housework – use mindfulness to focus solely on the task at hand.

Using a combination of these tips should enable you to find the time you need to practice relaxation on a daily basis. Remember though, relaxation is meant to be done whilst awake and aware of your surroundings.

WARNING: Do not practice relaxation techniques when you are tired in circumstances where falling asleep may put yourself in danger.

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Relaxation Routine - 5 Tips For Developing Your Own

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