Relaxing Nature Scenes With Music By ScenicVideos

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Relaxing Music Therapy For Stress Relief. Relaxing music therapy is a very potent phenomenon. Sounds can soothe you, fire your imagination, bring you to the heights of ecstasy or bring you down to the depths of your soul. Music is known to relax and to help in stress relief. In the right manner, music can bring lightness into a serious situation. Relaxing music therapy can heal, soothe and bring calm tot an agitated mind. Defining “relaxing music” seems a matter of personal choice. Some people find the serene sounds of the waterfall and chirping birds relaxing while others relax with their favorite hard rock.


This simple image relaxation video by ScenicVideos is 5 minutes 54 seconds long and displays several themes of nature. The video uses still video and motion video of nature scenery in combination with relaxing music.

Video Components


This theme of the video is not focused enough and I feel this is not that good for focusing your attention to aid relaxation.


There are a number of scenes used in this simple relaxation video which are nature scenes and many of the scenes are lovely. I like the travelling across the ocean scene in particular.


The audio used in this relaxation video is just music which I found to be quite good for relaxation.


The scenes of this simple image relaxation video show images of skies, clouds, oceans, trees, silhouettes, waves, beaches, sunsets, boats, people, rivers, fields, flowers, butterflies, water, waterfalls, hills, mountains, mists, ducks and rain.

The image sizes used for this image relaxation video are all the same size and fill the screen completely which helps concentration and relaxation. However, the display time for some of the images is too brief and is not good for focus of attention during relaxation.


The transition types between images are a bit varied. Some are simple cross fades which help maintain a relaxed state. However, others are too abrupt, that is, they have no transition, which breaks concentration and is not good for relaxation. There are also a couple of long periods of black screen which break concentration and leave you wondering what is going on.

Special Techniques

The video does use pan and zoom techniques to great effect to give the viewer a sense of moving which I believe helps with relaxation.

Relaxing Nature Scenes With Music By ScenicVideos


I think this simple image relaxation video is good for relaxation purposes. The scenes are lovely and the music is relaxing. The images are all the same size and fill the screen completely, However, there is room for improvement: the theme needs to be more focused; each individual image should be displayed for a good length; each image should be displayed for the same amount of time.

As an ambient background video I find this video good with an interesting variety of nature scenes. However, it could have been better if the latter part did not focus solely on flowers. Having said that, the flower scenes are very nice.