Bhramari Breath Or Humming Bee Breath By SarahSwindlehurst

Bhramari breath

The word “Bhramari” comes from the sanskrit name bhramar which is Humming black bee. The practice of bhramari breathing calms the mind, reduces the stress or fight – flight response. It reduces celebral tensions, anger, anxiety, insomnia, The blood pressure is also lowered…


This guided relaxation breathing exercises video by SarahSwindlehurst is 6 minutes 37 seconds long and focuses just on the theme of the Bhramari Breath breathing exercises, also known as Bhramari Pranayama, Humming Bee Breath and Bumble Bee Breath. It uses a still video clip of a female instructor demonstrator to explain and demonstrate the technique. There is a natural garden view behind the instructor and bird sounds can be heard.

Video Components


The theme of this relaxation video is well focused on breathing exercises, more specifically the Bhramari Breath. The female instructor provides an introduction to the Bhramari Breath before explaining and demonstrating the technique.


The audio used in this Bhramari Breath breathing exercises video contains the voice of the female instructor. The tone and pace of the instructor is nice and relaxing. There is also the relaxing natural sounds of the garden, including bird sounds, through the open doors behind the instructor.


The verbal instructions are given by the female instructor are clear and good. She explains to breath in deeply through the nose but she doesn’t state that the mouth should be closed to make the humming vibration during exhale, although it can clearly be seen that her lips are closed. There is also an introduction to the Bhramari Breath before the demonstration which includes what you should be trying to achieve in terms of vibrating and stimulating your body system.


The demonstration is given by the same female that gives the instructions. In other words, she is demonstrating whilst talking. She is in a frontal seated yoga body position on the floor. She demonstrates breathing in deeply through the nose and exhaling with closed lips to make the humming vibration sound for several minutes over several breath cycles.


This Bhramari Breath video uses just a single scene, that of the female instructor demonstrating the breathing exercise within a room with open doors behind the instructor through which a garden can be seen.


The scene of this Bhramari Breath breathing exercises video show images of the female instructor demonstrator and a room with open doors out into a garden in the background. The camera angle is horizontal towards the female instructor and garden with a view of grass, hedges, trees and beyond that there is mist in the far background. A minor negative aspect is that the image size does not fill the screen completely and distracting black bars are visible.

Bhramari Breath Or Humming Bee Breath By SarahSwindlehurst


This breathing exercises video with an example of Bhramari Breath is great at explaining and demonstrating the breathing technique and it is done at a very relaxed pace, in a relaxed tone and with views of nature in the background. The instructions and demonstration are clear and sufficiently detailed for someone to copy the technique. I would have said it was excellent if there were a little bit of explanation of the out breath and the black bars at the sides of the video were to be removed.