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Love & Life Quotes, Relaxing Music & Running Water Sound By BodyMindPower

Love & Life Quotes – Wonderful Chill-out – Yoga Music – Sleep Music – Piano – Relaxation

Healing sound and images of running water with Love & Life Quotes…


Love & Life Quotes, Relaxing Music & Running Water Sound image relaxation video by BodyMindPower is 5 minutes 50 seconds long and focuses on a single theme of love & life quotes. It uses still video of running water scenes in combination with relaxing music and the relaxing nature sounds of running water. It shows complete, individual life quotes, one at a time during the length of the video.

Video Components


The video theme is very well focused on love & life quotes with a very focused supporting secondary theme of the running water scenes. These two factors combine really well to aid concentration during relaxation.


There is a running water scene for each of the love & life quotes. Each scene is nice and relaxing and compliments the others. This provides a very good atmosphere for concentration and relaxation.


The audio used in this love & life quotes image relaxation video comprises of some running water relaxing nature sounds together with some lovely relaxing music which has a lovely rhythm to aid concentration and relaxation.


The various scenes of this love & life quotes video show images of a running water, rocks and moss.

The video size is one continuous size which fills the screen which is good for concentration and relaxation. Also, love & life quotes text is displayed within a darker regions of a scenes in a contrasting white font for relaxed reading.

The display time for individual quotes is long enough to enable the viewer to read in a relaxed state. In addition, there is a good space of time before the display of the next quote which allows for some contemplation of the quote and I believe this is good for relaxation.


There are there is two type of transitions used in this love & life quotes video. Firstly, there are the transitions used between still video scenes which are nice and relaxing slow cross fades.

Then there are the transitions used when displaying the text passages of the quotes. The transitions used here are nice and slow fade in and fade out which are good for focus of attention and relaxation.

Special Techniques

There are no special techniques used in this simple image relaxation video.

Love & Life Quotes, Relaxing Music & Running Water Sound By BodyMindPower


This love & life quotes video is a very good example of a guided relaxation video. There is the well focused theme of love & life quotes; some lovely running water scene still video clips; some lovely relaxing music; and lovely running water relaxing nature sounds.

The variety of scenes in the video also make it good as an ambient background video with added variety provided in the form of the quotes.