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Relaxation Response – 10 Health Reasons For Activating Your Own

Do You Know The 10 Health Reasons For Activating Your Relaxation Response?

Many people have heard about relaxation techniques. However, not all people are clear about why they are GOOD for them.

If you activate your “relaxation response” through relaxation techniques, you can put the brakes on stress, tension and anxiety, and bring your body and mind back into a state of equilibrium. Below are listed 10 health reasons to activate your relaxation response.

When you activate your “relaxation response”:

  1. Your heart rate slows down.
  2. Your breathing becomes slower and deeper.
  3. Your blood pressure reduces or normalizes.
  4. Your muscles relax.
  5. Your body starts to heal itself.

In addition to the calming physical effects that the “relaxation response” can produce, it can also:

  • 6. Increase energy and focus.
  • 7. Help combat illness.
  • 8. Help relieve aches and pains.
  • 9. Improve problem-solving abilities.
  • 10. Boost motivation and productivity.

The “relaxation response” is a mechanism for protecting your body against stress, tension and anxiety. It is the physiologic opposite to the “fight or flight” “stress response”. So, activate your “relaxation response” to relax daily!

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Relaxation Response - 10 Health Reasons To Activate Your Own

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