Bhramari Breath Or Bumble Bee Breath By QuickFixYoga

Brahmari (Bee Breath)

… Brahmari or Bee Breath relaxes the central nervous system, and gives you a quick and easy way to de-stress…


This guided relaxation breathing exercises video by QuickFixYoga is 4 minutes 10 seconds long and focuses on a single theme of the Bhramari Breath (Bhramari Pranayama) breathing exercises, also called Humming Bee Breath and Bumble Bee Breath. It uses still video of a female instructor to explain and demonstrate the technique. There are the natural sounds of nature on the video, including the noise of wind on the microphone.

Video Components


The theme of this relaxation video is well focused on breathing exercises, more specifically the Brahmari Breath. There is about a 2 minutes 45 seconds section to the video where the female instructor gives an introduction with some background information and she explains and demonstrates the technique at the same time. She then acts as the female demonstrator for about 1 minute to demonstrate a Bhramari Breath breathing session.


The audio used in this Bhramari Breath breathing exercises video contains the voice of the female instructor. She has a nice and relaxing tone and pace to her voice. There are also sounds from nature on the recording, including what sounds like crickets and wind noise on the microphone. This latter sound can be a bit distracting from relaxation.


The verbal instructions are given by the female instructor are clear and fairly detailed. She explains to breathe in but does not say if it is through the mouth, nose or both, although this is probably irrelevant to the technique. She also explains to put the tongue on the roof of the mouth and exhale with a humming sound but does not say if the mouth should be closed. This is implied in the demonstration as her mouth is closed.

As an enhanced method of doing the Bhramari Breath she explains that sense withdrawal can be used. This is explained as excluding external sounds by covering your ear canals with your thumbs, and excluding external light by covering your eyes with your index and middle fingers.


The demonstration is given by the same female that gives the instructions. In other words, she is demonstrating whilst talking. She is in a frontal seated, cross legged yoga position. She uses visual cues during the demonstration in the form of hand positioning on the ears and eyes to demonstrate an enhanced sense withdrawal technique to deepen the Bhramari Breath experience. The use of the hands supports and reinforces the verbal instructions quite well.


There is only one scene used in this Bhramari Breath video which is that of the female instructor demonstrator who is sitting in the outdoors on grass.


The scene of this Bhramari Breath video shows images of the female instructor, who is sitting on grass surrounding by bushes and trees. The camera angle is pointing horizontal towards the female instructor who is surrounded by the greens of nature. Unfortunately, the image size does not fill the screen completely and distracting black bars are visible.

Bhramari Breath Or Bumble Bee Breath By QuickFixYoga


This Bhramari Breath video is good at explaining and demonstrating the breathing technique and it is done at a relaxed pace with a relaxed tone of voice. There is a lovely nature scene and some nice nature sounds on the recording. The instructions and demonstration are clear. However, a bit more explanation of the in breath and out breath would improve the video. Also, the video could be improved by eliminating wind noise on the audio recording and by removing the distracting black bars at the sides of the video.