Forest Waterfall With Relaxing Music For Quality Time – A Simple Image Relaxation Video By relaxdaily

RELAX DAILY N°010: relaxing music for your quality time

Listen to original peaceful music and relax…


This simple image relaxation video by relaxdaily is 8 minutes 35 seconds long and focuses on a single theme of a forest waterfall. It uses still images of a waterfall within a forest in combination with relaxing music.

Video Components


The theme of the video is nicely focused on a forest waterfall and is good for concentration and relaxation.


After a few introductory scenes of crossing a bridge into the forest, only one scene is used in the rest of this simple relaxation video. However, the scene is of a very nice waterfall with a pool below it within a forest and it is used in a variety of ways using panning and zooming across the scene in different directions.


The audio used in this relaxation video is relaxing music which has a really relaxed style and tempo to it, a sort of flowing and falling water type feel to it.


The scenes of this simple image relaxation video show images of a bamboo bridge leading into a green area as if entering a forest; forest trees; and a waterfall falling over a ledge on to rocks within a pool of water below it.

The image sizes used for this image relaxation video are all the same size, fill the screen completely; and every image is displayed for a good length of time; which together serves to aid the focusing of attention and relaxation.


The transition types between images are simple cross fades and the transition times between images are nice and slow, both factors which help maintain a relaxed state.

Special Techniques

The video also uses a slow zooming in or out technique, or panning left or right. These techniques give the feeling of motion which I think aids relaxation.

Forest Waterfall With Relaxing Music For Quality Time – A Simple Image Relaxation Video By relaxdaily


This is a very good simple image relaxation video and I would probably use it for relaxation as it has a nicely focused theme with a lovely forest waterfall scene. The music is relaxing; the images fill the screen completely; the images are shown for a good length of time; the transitions are nice and slow cross-fades; and there is very good use of panning and zooming around the single forest waterfall scene from different directions. With regards to use as an ambient background video the video is not that interesting due to the lack of variety of waterfall scenes so I probably would not use it for that purpose.