Lakes And Mountains Relaxation Video With Relaxing Piano Music By Paldrom

Relaxing Music Video

This video plays a track by Stephen Rhodes called Voice of Compassion.


This simple image relaxation video by Paldrom is 9 minutes 38 seconds long and focuses on a single theme of lakes and mountains. It shows just one still image of mountains with a lake in the foreground and some trees and greenery surrounding the lake in combination with beautiful relaxing music played on a piano. It has many millions of views together with thousands of likes and comments.

Video Components


The theme of the video is nicely focused on lakes and mountains and is good for concentration and relaxation.


There is just one scene used throughout this simple relaxation video, that of a lovely lake and mountain scene.


The audio used in this relaxation video is just music which is beautiful relaxing music played on a piano.


The scene of this simple image relaxation video show images of snow capped mountains, a lake, trees and grass. Although it is a lovely image the size does not fill the screen completely and distracting black bars are visible.


As there is only one image used throughout this relaxation video, there are no transitions.

Special Techniques

There are no special techniques used in this simple image relaxation video.

Lakes And Mountains Relaxation Video With Relaxing Piano Music By Paldrom


This straightforward image relaxation video has just one image in it. In my opinion this uncomplicated arrangement of one scene with relaxing piano music is great for relaxation. The lake and mountains image is very pleasing to look at and it functions as a focal point for contemplation and relaxation. Although there are distracting black bars visible at the sides of the image I think is qualified as a best video. With regards to use as an ambient background video, for me there is not enough to see to maintain my interest and is therefore not good for this purpose.