Guided Meditation For Meeting Your Spirit Guide(s) By organicheart

Meeting your Spirit Guide(s) – Guided Meditation

A meditation like this helped me to connect with my spirit guides. Those who are looking for the connection I hope this helps you to meet your guide(s) or at least to come closer to feeling the connection. Repeat as often as would like.


This guided relaxation meditation video by organicheart is 20 minutes 33 seconds long and focuses on a single theme of the guided meditation for meeting your spirit guide(s). It uses a still image of a forest nature scene and there is a female instructor voiceover to guide you through the guided meditation techniques whilst relaxing music is played in the background.

Video Components


The main theme of this guided meditation relaxation video is well focused on guided meditation, more specifically the guided meditation for meeting your spirit guide(s). There is also a secondary image relaxation theme based around trees in a forest to aid relaxation.


The audio used in this guided relaxation meditation video contains the voice of the female instructor. Her tone is ok but maybe a little too high pitched for me but her pace is relaxing. There is also relaxing music played in the background.


The verbal instructions given by the female instructor in this guided relaxation meditation video are clear and detailed. The video starts off very slowly by suggesting you use headphones using a text message for 15 seconds. There are then some chimes and the relaxing music begins.

The guided meditation instructions begin around 1 minute into the video with instructions to prepare yourself for the meditation by making yourself comfortable, developing a natural breathing rhythm and relaxing various parts of your body.

At around 7 minutes 30 seconds I think the meditation content begins. The concept of light tapping on your “3rd Eye” is introduced and also a laser beam light. At around 8 minutes 30 seconds you are asked to use your imagination to play around with this laser beam light. at about 9 minutes you are asked to shine this light back into your forehead. You are then asked to open your “crown chakra” and imagine a “halo” above your head. You are asked to see this halo opening and see a golden or white light being poured into your body which feels warm and pleasant. At about 11.30 you are told that the light has filled your body and that you are just like a lampshade, beaming with light. Even your breath is filled with light.

At 12 minutes you are asked to use your imagination and place yourself on a path or a road, anywhere you like and the script goes as follows:

This path leads you to a tunnel, made of the same light that has filled your body.
You can see the tunnel as not that far and it will take you about a couple of minutes to get there.
As you observe the surroundings, you can see that the light that is coming from the tunnel, is so familiar to you, so inviting.
And now you start to understand, why you are here.
You are here to meet your spirit guide.
And as you approach the tunnel, you start to see the other end of it.
It has a gate.
You know, behind this gate, your guide awaits.
Behind this gate, your guide is waiting, to see you, and to be seen.
Keep breathing, and keep walking, and be open to all possibilities.
Embrace your potential.
You can take your time if you like, as you walk closer to this gate.
You are almost there.
And when you’re ready, ask for the gate to be opened.

Then from 14 minutes 48 seconds for about 5 minutes 45 seconds, there is just the music played until the end of the video.


There is only one scene used throughout the entire guided meditation relaxation video which is that of trees in a forest.


The scene of this guided relaxation meditation techniques video show images of trees in a forest with sunshine lighting up a trail through the trees. The image size used for the image relaxation aspect of this guided relaxation meditation video does not fill the screen completely and distracting black bars are visible to the sides of the image but this is not distracting to concentration or detrimental to relaxation as the edges of the image are dark and blend in with the black bars.


Only one image is used so there are no transitions

Special Techniques

No special techniques are used.

Guided Meditation For Meeting Your Spirit Guide(s) By organicheart


This guided meditation techniques video is ok at taking you through a guided meditation for meeting your spirit guide(s) session. It is done at a relaxed pace, with a fairly relaxed tone of voice from the female instructor and with relaxing music played in the background. The instructions are clear and detailed but I felt that the meditation script just left you on your own at around 14 minutes 48 seconds without any guidance as to what to do. Maybe that is a good thing to let your mind wander free. It also has an ok simple image relaxation video aspect to it, displaying an image of a trail through trees in a forest lit by sunshine which is good for relaxation and meditation.