Autogenic Relaxation Training Session By HealingConnectionsTC

Autogenic Training (Long Version)


This guided relaxation video by HealingConnectionsTC is 16 minutes 17 seconds long and focusses on a single theme of the Autogenic muscle exercises. It uses still video of a female instructor sitting in a chair within an office, reading an Autogenic muscle relaxation script. There is no music or nature sounds, just a noisy background environment.

Video Components


The main theme of this relaxation video is well focused on muscle relaxation exercises, more specifically the Autogenic relaxation technique.


The audio used in this Autogenic muscle exercises video contains the voice of the female instructor. The tone and pace of the instructor is excellent, being of a relaxed tone and relaxed pace. However, there is a lot of environmental background noise on the recording which is distracting from relaxation.


The verbal instructions are given by the female instructor which are clear and detailed. There is a 35 seconds introduction to the Autogenics technique and then a 35 seconds preparation for the Autogenics session.

During a 14 minutes Autogenics relaxation session the female instructor reads an Autogenic relaxation script from a manual whilst sitting in an office chair.

The script contains second person and third person sentences using the words “warm” and “heavy” to help create a feeling of warmth and heaviness in the arms and legs, abdomen, and whole body, and hence create a state of relaxation.

There is then an ending to awaken you to the real world which lasts about 45 seconds.


There is only one scene used throughout the entire Autogenic muscle relaxation video which is that of the female instructor sitting in a chair in an office, reading an Autogenic relaxation script from a manual.


The scene of this Autogenic muscle relaxation techniques video show images of the female instructor siting in a chair in an office, there are also shut blinds moving in front of an open window. The camera angle is horizontal towards the female instructor and window blinds in the corner of the office.

The image size used for this image relaxation video does not fill the screen completely. there is a black border all around the video which is distracting to concentration which is detrimental to relaxation.

Autogenic Relaxation Training Session By HealingConnectionsTC


Sorry, this guided relaxation video with an example of Autogenics muscle relaxation techniques is not one I would use.

The script used is good and the delivery of it by the female instructor is good, that is, she had a nice relaxing tone and pace and the instructions were clear and detailed.

However, there is no relaxing music or nature sounds to create a relaxing atmosphere and technically the recording is far from ideal. There is way too much environmental background noise on the audio recording and the video recording has distracting black borders all around it. Also, the recording of an instructor sitting in a chair does not add any relaxation effect. It would have been far better to just use a single nature image to help create a relaxing environment. Unless there is someone demonstrating a technique the recording of a person reading a script is a bit pointless.