Guided Nap Meditation To Ocean Waves Sounds At Sunset – 30 Minutes By IRV

Guided Nap Meditation To Ocean Waves Sounds At Sunset – 30 Minutes

Guided Nap Meditation To Ocean Waves Sounds At Sunset – 30 Minutes – Need a short nap or beak? Try our gentle and effective, 30 Minutes high quality guided nap recording to help you take a refreshing nap to calming OCEAN WAVES SOUNDS AT SUNSET.

Ocean Waves Sounds At Sunset Introduction

This is a guided nap meditation video recording to help you drift off to sleep for 30 minutes. It combines a meditation preparation followed short breathing exercises, all to relaxing music. Then there is a guided meditation to calming “Ocean Waves Sounds At Sunset” and a gentle 3-chime wake-up at the end.

Guided Nap Meditation Components


The theme of this 30 minutes Guided Nap Meditation video is well focused on “Ocean Waves Sounds At Sunset” and is a nature sound which is good for helping people drift off to sleep.


There is a calm male English voice with gentle relaxing background music taking you through:
• A guided nap preparation;
• A guided gentle breathing exercise;
You are then left to drift off to sleep to the calming nature sounds without any music during:
• A guided meditation;
• With “Ocean Waves Sounds At Sunset”;
• And a gentle, 3-chime wake-up at the end.


This 30 minutes Guided Nap Meditation video uses some introductory graphics scenes and a nature scene video clip.
During the guided sleep preparation and the guided gentle breathing exercises:
• You travel above clouds through mist towards rays of sunlight shining upwards on the horizon;
• The rays of sunshine begin to rotate and pulsate through the mist above the clouds.
• The clouds disappear to leave just a mist and reveal the rays of sunshine reflecting off a calm, gently rippling ocean below.
During the guided meditation:
• There is a single nature scene video clip of “Ocean Waves At Sunset”.


The audio of this 30 minutes Guided Nap Meditation video uses some relaxing music during the meditation preparation and breathing exercises; and nature sounds, that is “Ocean Waves Sounds”, during the guided meditation.
The music track has a relaxing slow tempo, and the nature sounds create a consistent calming atmosphere. Both are considered good for relaxation and creating an atmosphere which is beneficial for sleeping.
The music track is called “Letting Go” by Christopher Lloyd Clarke at

Guided Nap Meditation Script

The script for this 30 minutes Guided Nap Meditation video is as follows:

YOU, are about to begin, a guided nap meditation.
In a moment, YOU will be guided, into a state of, deep relaxation.
This time is for YOU, and YOU alone.
YOU don’t need, to do anything, except relax, and allow YOURSELF, to enjoy this time.
Give yourself, time to relax, and take a nap, in a quiet, and beautiful place.
This recording, is designed, to guide you into, a 30 minute nap.
The end of this, timed recording, is marked by, THREE gentle chimes.

Play end chimes then:

Giving you, the option to, wake-up after, 30 minutes, or if you wish, you can continue, to nap, for as long, as you want.
Before you begin, you need to make sure, you are ready, to engage, with this recording.
Are you ready, for your nap, or is there something, you need to do, before taking, a nap?
If you need, to do something, pause this recording now, and return to it, when you are ready, to continue.
Make sure, you have taken, any safety measures, needed to ensure, you will be safe, during the nap period, or if you decide, to nap for longer.
Now, if you are ready for your nap and have made yourself comfortable, we can begin this gentle meditation.

Pause 5 seconds then:

You may, wish to begin, by closing, your eyes, or, watching the screen, or, switching between both.
It doesn’t matter which, just do, whatever feels, right for you.
Just close your eyes, when you feel ready.

Pause 20 seconds then:

Take a slow, deep breath, and imagine, that the air, you breathe-in, is clear, and fresh.
Hold it, for a moment.
Now exhale, slowly, and imagine, any tensions, that you feel, leave your body, through your breath.
Again, take another, deep breath.
Hold it, for a few seconds.
And exhale, slowly.
Now, just let, your breathing, fall into, a natural rhythm.

Pause 20 seconds then:

I will be, your guiding voice, on your gentle journey, towards sleep, but you are always, in complete control.
Should you, want to return, to an awakened state, you can do so, any time, just by opening, your eyes.
You don’t need, to do anything, except relax, and listen, to the sound, of my voice, so just relax, and enjoy, your journey.
Give your mind, the opportunity, to slow down.
Embrace, this wonderful, deep, soothing, relaxation experience.

Pause 20 seconds then:

You may notice, that thoughts, are still happening, within your mind, this is normal.
You don’t need, to worry, about them.
Your thoughts, will quiet down, as you move, towards a deeper, state of relaxation.

Pause 20 seconds then:

You transport yourself, in your mind, and find yourself, resting on, a grassy, coastal cliff, during a, glorious sunset.
Listen to the, hypnotic, natural rhythm, of the ocean waves, rolling onto, the beach below, from an unspoiled ocean, that stretches out, to the uninterrupted horizon, and glorious setting sun.
The grass, feels soft and inviting, beneath you.

Pause 10 seconds then:

As you listen, to the constant, roll of the waves, all thoughts, are washed away.
There is, a sense of, time slowing, as if the world here, does not move.
It is always the same, peaceful, safe.

Pause 10 seconds then:

Absorb this, peaceful ambience, let it sink, into your soul, and radiate outward, throughout your body.
Tranquillity, settles into, your very bones.
Just feel, the moment.

Pause 10 seconds then:

Each moment, drifts you, more deeply, into sleep.
Rest, the WAVES whisper.
Rest, the SUN sighs.

Pause 10 seconds then:

All is well, in your world.
Sleep a while.

At 30 minutes, the chimes sound.


This 30 minutes Guided Nap Meditation video uses a single video clip which is repeated during the guided meditation, and includes images of: a glorious sun shining through clouds on the horizon of the ocean; some silhouetted coastline; sunshine reflecting off ocean waves; and the silhouette of grass and plants on a cliff edge in the foreground. Prior to the meditation some graphical scene are used which include: clouds, mist, sunshine and a rippling ocean. The image size used for this video fills the screen completely.


The transitions used at the start, end and between the various sections of the video are a gentle fade-in or gentle fade-out. Also the main guided meditation scene was created from multiple copies of the single short video clip using cross-fade and overlap transitions.

Special Techniques

This 30 minutes Guided Nap Meditation video begins with an introduction section. First there is a disclaimer, which can be paused if you wish to read it. Then there is a message that the video is “best enjoyed with headphones”. The display then begins to show the graphical scenes as described above and displays the message “Image Relaxation Videos Present”, followed by the video title.

The various scenes of the video are displayed with graphics special effect which is a colour effect to enhance the colours. The main guided meditation scene is a short video clip which is repeated a number of time and cross-faded together until the end of the video. At the end of the video there is a slow fade-out to black before a music credit and copyright notice.

Guided Nap Meditation To Ocean Waves Sounds At Sunset - 30 Minutes By IRV


This Guided Nap Meditation video has a very specific purpose, that of guiding you to take a nap for 30 minutes. It is well focused with a single main guided meditation scene of “Ocean Waves At Sunset” used. The calming scene and motion within the scene provides interest to the viewer. The guided meditation scene audio is “Ocean Waves Sounds”, which I consider calming and likely to make you drowsy or induce sleep.
Prior to the guided meditation; the audio for the meditation preparation and breathing exercises is nice relaxing music; which I feel is calming and goes well with the graphics scenes.
I think this is a very good video for use as a Guided Nap Meditation video to help people drift off to sleep for 30 minutes.