Three Part Breath Exercise Or Dirga Pranayama For Optimal Health By naamyogala

Three-Part Breath: An Exercise for Optimal Health and Peace of Heart

…Three-Part Breath: An Exercise for Optimal Health and Peace of Heart with Chris Merrill of the Naam Yoga Therapies Teacher Training Team.


This guided relaxation breathing exercises video by naamyogala is 4 minutes 42 seconds long. The video focuses on a single theme of the three part breath (3 part breath) breathing exercise. This breathing technique is also know as the complete breath or dirgha pranayama (dirga pranayama). The video uses still video footage of a male instructor to explain and demonstrate the three part breath technique.

Video Components


The theme of this relaxation video is well focused on one of the breathing exercises called the three part breath. The video does not focus entirely on just the technique. There is a short introduction by the male instructor about the importance of the breath before providing a short explanation of the technique followed by a short demonstration. The instructor then relates different parts of the breath technique to different life issues before providing a summary on the technique.


The breathing exercises video’s audio has just the voice of the male instructor which has a good relaxing pace and tone.


The verbal instructions regarding the three part breath exercise are given by the male instructor in a clear and simple way.


The demonstration is given by the same male that gives the instructions. In other words, he is demonstrating whilst talking. He uses a frontal seated down body position and also uses some visual cues during the demonstration in the form of hand positioning and gestures on the abdomen or belly and the chest. The instructor is wearing a loose shirt so it is not easy to see what is happening when he breathes in and out. His use of hands does support and reinforce his verbal instructions quite well but he could do with repeating then at least one more time.


There is only one scene used throughout the entire video which is that of the male instructor in a frontal seated position demonstrating the breathing exercise within a room. At times a close up view of the male instructor is used.


The scene of this breathing exercises video show images of the male instructor in a room. The camera angle is horizontal towards a bright wall a room with bamboo and gong props placed in front of it.

Three Part Breath Exercise Or Dirga Pranayama For Optimal Health By naamyogala


This breathing exercises video about the three part breath technique is ok at explaining and demonstrating the breathing technique and is done at a relaxed pace. The instructions are clear and sufficiently detailed but more repetition would be useful. However, the demonstration is not that clear because the movement of the instructors chest was not visible during the demonstration.