Quotes On Life With Relaxing Music And Relaxing Song By mindhush

Quotes On Life

Quotes with Wisdom and Knowledge. Music- “Now We are Free” by Hans Zimmer.

Quotes On Life Intro

This life quotes image relaxation video by mindhush is 4 minutes 22 seconds long and focuses on a single theme of “quotes on life”. It uses still images which are focused on cosmic type scenes in combination with relaxing music and a relaxing voice. It shows a single author name on a black background followed by a single quotation from the author on top of a cosmic images of the following screen display.

Components Of Quotes On Life

Theme Of Quotes On Life

The main theme of the video life quotes which is a good focus and it has a well focused secondary theme of cosmic type images. Both of these factors aid concentration and relaxation.

Scenes Used In Quotes On Life

The cosmic scenes are lovely and I especially like the last scene with the silhouette of a boy in grass with a cosmic background.

Audio Used In Quotes On Life

The audio used in this relaxation video is a combination of relaxing music, a relaxing song and a relaxing voice. I find it a relaxing song as it is sung in a foreign language and I am not tempted to try and understand it. The song just becomes part of the relaxing music.

Images Used In Quotes On Life

The cosmic scenes of this “Quotes On Life” video show images of planets, stars, galaxies and nebulae. There are also a few images of mountains and clouds as if seen from Earth.

Factors that aid concentration and relaxation are that: the image sizes used for this video are all uniform; and each image is displayed for the same length of time which is also an ok length of time, although longer would be better.

However, the image size does not fill the screen completely and distracting black bars are visible; plus the author is split from the quotation on a separate black background. These factors are not good for aiding the focusing of attention during relaxation.

Transitions Used In Quotes On Life

The transition types between images are fade in from black and fade out to black which are good for help maintain a relaxed state. However, the transition times between images are too fast which means they can tend to break concentration and relaxation.

Special Techniques Used In Quotes On Life

The video also uses zoom in technique on the text, which gives the feeling of motion which I think aids relaxation. Applying the zoom in on the cosmic images would have been even better.

Quotes On Life With Relaxing Music And Relaxing Song By mindhush

Quotes On Life Conclusion

This guided image relaxation video with an example of life quotes entitled “Quotes On Life” is ok for relaxation. The life quotes are good, the focus is good, there is relaxing music and a relaxing song and there are relaxing pictures, or scenes. However it could have been a lot better if more attention was paid to details such as filling the screen completely; combining the quotation and author into a single display; displaying each quotation and cosmic scene for longer; and making the fade in and fade out longer.

I also think this is an ok ambient background video and the same suggested improvements for relaxation would also improve it as an ambient background video.