Autogenic Training Image Relaxation Sky And Clouds Video By LSFProgram

Autogenic Relaxation

Marilyn leads you through her peaceful autogenic relaxation technique to help reduce your stress and induce a deep relaxation response…


This guided relaxation video by LSFProgram is 9 minutes 21 seconds long and focuses on a single theme of the Autogenic muscle exercises. It uses still video of sky and clouds nature scenes and there is a female instructor voiceover to guide you through the Autogenic muscle relaxation techniques whilst relaxing music is played in the background.

Video Components


The main theme of this relaxation video is well focused on muscle relaxation exercises, more specifically the Autogenic relaxation technique. Although this is a variation of the standard Autogenics techniques as developed by J.H. Schultz in the 20s. There is also a secondary image relaxation theme based around sky and clouds to help the focusing of attention to aid relaxation.


The audio used in this Autogenic muscle exercises video contains the voice of the female instructor. Her tone is good but her pace of delivery is too fast for my liking. There is some nice relaxing music played in the background but there is also white noise from the voiceover recording which is a bit distracting from relaxation.


The verbal instructions are given by the female instructor are clear and detailed. There is a 1 minute 15 seconds introduction which uses mindfulness as a way of relaxing you and preparing you for the Autogenic session. Autogenics is described as a method of focusing the mind so that it does not wander off in other directions.

The main session which is about 7 minutes 45 seconds long, is not the normal type of Autogenic session as is usually described when based of the work by J.H. Schultz in the 20s. There are no prescribed phrases repeated. This is a variation on the standard Autogenics and is done in the second person where you are guided to relax various parts of your body. The body areas that are covered are in the following order: feet, legs, hands, arms, neck, face, chest and stomach then back.

You are instructed to notice parts of the body, focus your attention on those body parts and relax those parts. Phrases like the following are used:

Imagine the muscles in your feet softening and loosening.
Your feet are becoming so relaxed, they feel like they’re heavy.
Almost like you can’t move them at all.

After covering all the body areas as identified above, there is a 1 minute section where you are instructed to focus on any specific parts of the body that are tight or in pain. You are then awakened to be fully present and relaxed.


There is just one scene used in this Autogenic muscle relaxation video which is of sky and clouds. This appears to repeated many times during the video and is a nice relaxing scene.


The scene of this Autogenic muscle relaxation techniques video show images of the sky, clouds, sun, sunshine and a sunset.
and the image size fully fills the screen completely which aids concentration and relaxation.


The transition type used between the repeated video clip is a simple slow cross fade which help maintain a relaxed state.

Autogenic Training Image Relaxation Sky And Clouds Video By LSFProgram


This guided relaxation video with an example of Autogenics muscle relaxation techniques is good at facilitating a muscle exercises session and the instructions are clear and detailed. The pace of the video is ok but I would like to see it a little slower in pace and with fewer words and description used by the female instructor. Having said that, this script is probably for beginners who need more explanation and guidance than more experienced practitioners.

It also has a very good simple image relaxation video aspect to it, displaying moving clouds across a sunset sky which I found very relaxing with the accompanying music.