Forest And Waterfall Guided Visualization Meditation For Easy Relaxation By LisaOnYoga

Easy Relaxation: Guided Visualization Meditation Forest & Waterfall

In this guided meditation, you will be taken on a relaxing journey through nature, letting you detach from stress and busy life for a while, soothing your body, mind and soul…


This guided relaxation video is also a guided visualization meditation video. Created by LisaOnYoga, it is 13 minutes 39 seconds long and uses visualization techniques that focus on a single theme of a forest and waterfall guided visualization meditation for relaxation. It uses one still image of a forest pond nature scene and there is a female instructor voiceover to guide you through the guided visualization techniques. There are also nature sounds played in the background for a small section of the video.

Video Components


The main theme of this guided visualization meditation video is well focused on guided visualization, more specifically the the forest and waterfall guided visualization meditation for relaxation. There is also a secondary image relaxation theme based around a forest pond scene to aid visualization meditation and relaxation and support the guided visualization meditation theme.


The audio used in this guided visualization meditation video contains the voice of the female instructor. I found her tone of voice to be ok. However, when she spoke I felt the pace of her words were a little too fast in places and hence, not that relaxing. The quality of the audio recording also needs improving as there is some noticeable white noise on it. At time there are some nature sounds played in the background but I felt these were too quiet.


The verbal instructions given by the female instructor in this guided visualization meditation video are detailed but sometimes unclear due to an accent and poor pronunciation.

I also felt that some of the sentences used were not good English and consider some of the terminology used to be a little confusing. For example,

and there you see a beautiful lake, like a little rock pool, and a waterfall.

I don’t see how a lake can be considered to be like a little rock pool. Call me pedantic but when trying to do a visualization, the success of it hangs on the words used.

To start, there is a 1 minute 26 seconds introduction section at the beginning of this video to prepare you for the session that follows. At which time a breathing exercise is introduced before continuing with a listening exercise:

Inhale and exhale deeply for a few times.
And on every exhale, let go of tension, let go of thoughts, and surrender, surrender your body to gravity.
Start to scan the space for sound.
Listen to the furthest sound away, and as soon as you hear one sound, move to the next.
Now start listening out for sounds a little bit closer in the middle distance.
Sounds just outside this building.
Sounds outside this room.
And sounds inside this room, in the near distance.
And finally listen to sounds your body makes.
Your breath, and any other sounds

At 3 minutes 13 seconds the visualization meditation for relaxation is introduced:

Let’s start a trip of consciousness.
Imagine… you’re walking along a path in a beautiful forest.
You hear the sounds of crunching leaves or maybe needles beneath you feet, and you can hear bird, song from across the trees.
You can hear the wind in the leaves, and you can feel the air, gently moving around you through your hair, over your face.
And even though you can hear so many different sounds, there is this silence, this peaceful, calming silence, which slows you down more and more, and your relaxation goes deeper, and deeper.
You’re still walking in the forest, and on the path, in the direction, of the sound of water, and you can see rays of divine light, streaming through the tops of the trees, as if you were in a magic wonderland, in a place that no one has been before, that is untouched, that is pure nature.
As you’re walking further, the density of trees lightens up, and you come to a clearing, and there you see a beautiful lake, like a little rock pool, and a waterfall.
With the eagerness and glee of a child, you rush over, to the rock pool, and deliberately jump into the water.
And you feel the coolness, and you feel the wet.
The pureness of this clean water, it makes your skin tingle, and you feel reborn with pure innocence.
You swim across to the waterfall, and you watch the rainbows dance, in combination of water and sunlight.
You feel the touch of this divine uniqueness, and you feel the healing, going on in your entire body and mind.
Now you come out of the water, and you lay upon the warm rocks, on your back, soaking up the warmth and vibrance of the sun.
The earth beneath you, provides a feeling of protection, and you know, that this earth can take away all your pain, and is grounding you, stabilizing you, in every moment.
If any images, are of painful aspects of your life, past or present, arise, allow them without analyzing, drop them down, deep into the earth.
All your pain has been transformed into positive energy.
You know that when something is released, there is space, and it will be replaced.
And so you call for, being filled, with energy of love, with energy of light, with energy of joy.
Golden rays of light, fill your every pore, fill your every cell, and awaken, you, from deep within.
So you can dream, and you are visualizing your perfect self.
Now see all these images of, how you love yourself to be.

At 9 minutes 10 seconds there is a gap of silence, except for some faint background water sounds until at 10 minutes 3 seconds she continues:

Stay awake, and listen.
Come back, to consciousness of breath, moving into the belly.
Feel the lifting and sinking of the belly, with the inhalation and exhalation, of your natural breath.
With the inhalation, the belly lifts.
With the exhalation, the belly sinks.
Awareness of lifting of sinking, of the belly, allow a natural, inhaling and exhaling.
Become aware, of your body, lying here, on the ground.
Feel all the points of contact, between your body, and the ground.
Feel the contact of your clothing, on your skin.
Feel the gentle contact of air, on your face, and start to remember, where you are.
Listen to sounds, and remember your environment.
Prepare yourself, to step into this outside world.
Take a few deep breaths, and start to run your thumbs, against your other fingers, your index, middle, rind and little finger.
Start to move all your fingers, and your toes.
Start to move your arms, and your legs.
If you wish, stretch your arms above your head.
And stretch from your finger tips, down to your toes.
And when you’re ready, roll to one side.
Your guided meditation is now finished.


There is only one scene used throughout the entire guided meditation visualization video which is that of a forest pond scene. which includes a pond, some rocks with moss on them and some plants, bushes and trees.


The single scene of this guided meditation visualization techniques video show images of a pond, some rocks with moss on them and some plants, bushes and trees. The image size used for the image relaxation aspect of this guided visualization meditation video completely filled the screen which serves to aid the focusing of attention and relaxation.


As only one image is used throughout the video, there are no transitions used except for the fade in at the start and the fade out at the end. Both of which were a little too fast.

Special Techniques

This video also uses a zooming technique to give the feeling of motion which I think aids relaxation. However, the zooming used is hardly noticeable.

Forest And Waterfall Guided Visualization Meditation For Easy Relaxation By LisaOnYoga


This guided visualization techniques video is ok at taking you through a guided visualization for relaxation session. Although the instructions given are detailed: the audio needs improving to remove white noise; the pronunciation of the female instructor needs to be improved; her pace of speaking needs to be slowed down a little; and the sound level of the water nature sounds also needs to be increased as it can hardly be heard.

The video has an ok simple image relaxation video aspect to it, displaying just one image of a forest pond scene, which is good for visualization meditation and relaxation and support the main guided visualization meditation theme.