Joanne D’Amico

Guided Relaxation Using Progressive Muscle Relaxation By Joanne D’Amico

Guided Relaxation – Progressive Muscle Relaxation Video

Have you been feeling stressed, anxious or tense lately? In this audio, I will guide you through a relaxation technique called Progressive Muscle Relaxation. In this audio I will guide you through a full body session. My voice narration will be accompanied by beautiful soft relaxing music enhancing the relaxation experience. You will be guided to tense the various muscles of your body and then release. By doing this, you will experience deep muscle relaxation and the good news is that muscle relaxation is always accompanied by mental calmness!…


This guided relaxation video by Joanne D’Amico is 13 minutes 22 seconds long and focuses on a single theme of the progressive muscle relaxation exercises. It uses a still image of a nature scenes and there is a female instructor voiceover to guide you through a progressive muscle relaxation techniques session whilst relaxing music is played in the background.

Video Components


The main theme of this relaxation video is well focused on progressive relaxation exercises, more specifically the progressive muscle relaxation technique. There is also a secondary image relaxation theme based around a single woods scene to aid relaxation.


The audio used in this progressive muscle relaxation exercises video contains the voice of the female instructor. Her tone of voice is very relaxing and her pace of delivery is very relaxing also. In addition, there is relaxing music played in the background.


The verbal instructions given by the female instructor are clear and detailed. The first 1 minute 30 seconds of this video is an introduction and explanation of the progressive muscle relaxation technique and what you will be doing during the progressive muscle relaxation session that follows. There is then a 1 minute section on getting you comfortable and some preparatory breathing exercises.

At 2 minutes 30 seconds the progressive muscle relaxation muscle tensioning exercises are begun and last for 9 minutes 45 seconds. The female instructor uses sentences in the second person, that is words like “you” and “your” in her instructions. During the progressive muscle relaxation exercise she asks you to first tense your muscles and then release the tension, relaxing the muscles and notice the difference between tension and relaxation. The order of muscle groups tensed and released in this progressive muscle relaxation session is:

  • Face (Forehead, eyes & nose, mouth & jaw),
  • Neck,
  • Shoulders,
  • Hands & forearms,
  • Upper arms,
  • Chest,
  • Back,
  • Belly/Abdomen,
  • Hips & Legs,
  • Feet.

At about 12 minutes 15 seconds there is a short ending section where you are left to enjoy your relaxed state before a promotional section.


There is only one scene used throughout the entire progressive muscle relaxation video which is that of a woods scene.


The single scene of this progressive muscle relaxation techniques video show images of a trail through trees in woods. However, the image size does not fill the screen completely and distracting black bars are visible.

Guided Relaxation Using Progressive Muscle Relaxation By Joanne D’Amico


This guided relaxation video with an example of progressive muscle relaxation techniques is excellent at guiding you through a muscle exercises session. It is done at a relaxed pace with a relaxed tone of voice and relaxing music, plus the instructions are clear and detailed.

This video also has an ok simple image relaxation video aspect to it, displaying a single scene of a trail through trees in woods which aids relaxation. However, it is let down a little by the fact that the image does not fully fill the screen and distracting black bars are visible.