Oceans Relaxation Video With Relaxing Music & Nature Sounds By JaCzyliKto

The Best Relaxing Sounds Ever vol1 – The Ocean

The Best Relaxing Sounds Ever volume 1 – The Ocean.


This simple image relaxation video by JaCzyliKto is 9 minutes 52 seconds long and focuses on a single theme of oceans. It displays still images of ocean scenes and plays relaxing music together with ocean waves nature sounds.

Video Components


Being nicely focused on the theme of oceans this video is good for concentration and relaxation.


There are a number of scenes used in this simple relaxation video which are great. I particularly like the ones with reflections in the oceans.


The audio used in this relaxation video is a combination of relaxing music and ocean waves nature sounds which are also relaxing.


The scenes show images of oceans, reflections, skies, clouds, waves, beaches, islands, rocks, trees, sunsets and boats.

The image sizes used for this image relaxation video are a uniform size and each image is displayed for a good length of time which is good for facilitating the focus of attention during relaxation. However, the image size does not fill the screen fully and distracting black bars are visible each side of the video.


A fade out transition is used between images which is good for maintaining concentration but this could do with being a little longer to improve concentration and relaxation.

Special Techniques

The video uses a zooming out or zooming in technique to give the feeling of motion which I think helps with relaxation.

Oceans Relaxation Video With Relaxing Music & Nature Sounds By JaCzyliKto


I think this is a good, simple image relaxation video and a good ambient background video with a good variety of interest, However, it would be better if the image size fully filled the screen and the transition times were longer.