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Diaphragm Breathing, Belly Breathing, Abdominal Breathing By Integration Training

Diaphragm breathing – Belly Breathe – Abdominal Breathing

Belly Breathe! Deep breathing / abdominal breathing / belly breathing/ diaphragm breathing/ diaphragmatic breathing to optimize your state to be more relaxed and productive at work…


This is a guided relaxation video breathing exercises by Integration Training and is 1 minutes 41 seconds long. It focuses on a single theme of the diaphragm breathing exercises (diaphragmatic breathing). It is also termed deep breathing, belly breathing and abdominal breathing. It uses still video of a male instructor who is also the male demonstrator to explain and demonstrate the diaphragm breathing technique.

Video Components


The theme of this relaxation video is well focused on diaphragm breathing exercises. After a brief introduction on the mind body connection and optimizing your system, the male instructor demonstrate shallow chest breathing before demonstrating diaphragm breathing. He finishes off by explaining that diaphragm breathing should be our normal breathing pattern and shallow chest breathing a short term energizing breathing technique.


The audio used in this diaphragm breathing exercises video contains just the voice of the male instructor. The sound quality is excellent and the tone and pace of the instructor is nice and relaxing.


The verbal instructions are given by the male instructor are clear and fairly detailed.


The male demonstrator is the same person as the male instructor, that is, he is demonstrating whilst talking. He starts off in a frontal seated body position in a chair during the introduction and then changes to a diagonal sideways position for the demonstration. He uses hand movement and positioning on the abdomen or belly and the chest as visual cues during the demonstration which support and reinforce his instructions. However, he makes no reference to the chest remaining still whereas many other demonstrations do. I think he implies this but does not make it explicit.


There is only one scene used in this diaphragm breathing video which is that of the male instructor demonstrating the breathing exercise, seated on an office chair in an office.


The scene of this diaphragm breathing exercises video shows images of the male instructor in an office. The camera angle is horizontal towards the male instructor with a desk, computer and door in the background.

Diaphragm Breathing, Belly Breathing, Abdominal Breathing By Integration Training


This diaphragm breathing exercises video is good at explaining and demonstrating the breathing technique and is done with a relaxed tone of voice and at a relaxed pace. The instructions and demonstration are clear except there is no mention of the chest remaining still during breathing. It is implied by the demonstration instead.