Progressive Muscle Relaxation Script And Beach Video By innerhealthstudio

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

This progressive muscle relaxation exercise involves progressively tensing and then relaxing muscles. Learn to relax your body with this relaxation script…


This guided relaxation video by innerhealthstudio is 9 minutes 59 seconds long and is focuses on the one theme of progressive muscle relaxation exercises. It uses still images of beach nature scenes and there is a female instructor voiceover to explain the progressive muscle relaxation techniques whilst relaxing music is played on the piano in the background.

Video Components


The main theme of this relaxation video is well focused on progressive relaxation exercises, more specifically the progressive muscle relaxation technique. There is also a secondary image relaxation theme based around the theme of beaches to aid relaxation.


The audio used in this progressive muscle relaxation exercises video contains the voice of the female instructor which has a good tone and a good pace of speed which is relaxing. There is also relaxing piano music played in the background.


The verbal instructions are given by the female instructor are very clear and detailed. She provides a 1 minute introduction to the progressive muscle relaxation. There is then 1 minute 40 seconds spent on getting you comfortable and performing breathing exercises to relax you as a lead-in to progressive muscle relaxation.

The progressive muscle relaxation exercises are then begun. The female instructor leads you to first tense, then release, various muscles in your body using second person sentences, that is, using the words “you” and “your”. The muscle exercises are done in the following order:

  • Legs,
  • Arms (shoulders, upper arms, lowers arms & hands),

She then asks you to focus on your breathing again before returning the focus to body muscles:

  • Buttocks,
  • Back,
  • Chest & Stomach,
  • Face (Eyes, nose, cheeks & chin).

She then asks you to notice your body and any tensions and to allow them to drain away, letting your muscles become loose and limp, heavy and relaxed. During the last 45 seconds she asks you to slowly awaken your body and end your progressive muscle relaxation session.


There are a number of scenes used in this progressive muscle relaxation video which are a variety of beach scenes which are aimed at creating a relaxing visual environment for the viewer.


The scenes of this progressive muscle relaxation techniques video show images of birds, skies, clouds, sand, beaches, oceans, waves, rocks, trees, bushes, plants, grass, reflections and shadows.

The image used for this image relaxation video are all of a uniform size and fill the screen completely and each image is displayed for a good length of time which I found to aid the focusing of attention and relaxation.


The transition types between images are simple cross fades and the transition times between images are slow. Both of these factors help maintain a relaxed state.

Special Techniques

The video also uses a panning technique where the camera pans across individual images to give the impression the camera is panning across the actual scene. This gives you a feeling of motion which I think aids relaxation.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Script And Beach Video By innerhealthstudio


This guided relaxation video with an example of progressive muscle relaxation techniques is excellent explaining and facilitating a muscle exercises session. The session is done with a relaxed tone of voice, at a relaxed pace, with relaxing piano music, and the instructions of the female instructor are clear and detailed. It also has an great simple image relaxation video aspect to it where scenes with beach related images are displayed which are also great for relaxation.