Quotes About Life Image Relaxation – Life’s Greatest Lessons By in2delite

Life’s greatest lessons…(in quotes).


This life quotes image relaxation video by in2delite is 2 minutes 53 seconds long and focuses on the single theme of quotes about life, and specifically, “Life’s Greatest Lessons”. It uses still images of nature scenes in combination with relaxing music and shows a single quotation for each screen display.

Video Components


The theme of the video is well focused on life quotes with a supporting secondary theme of nature images. Both of these focused factors helps with concentration and relaxation.


Some of the nature scenes are lovely and I especially like the third scene with the yellow and dark clouds in the distance.


Audio used in this image relaxation video is just music which has the piano as the dominant instrument. However, I think the beat or tempo of the music is a little too fast to be really relaxing but many may consider is ok for relaxation.


The scenes of this video show nature images of water, lakes, oceans, hills, mountains, skies, clouds, trees, flowers, rain, boats, birds, sun and sunshine. Plus there are two, what appear to be miscellaneous beach front scenes at the end of the video which are not nature scenes.

The size of all the image used for this video are all uniform, with the exception of one, and each image is displayed for a good length of time which helps with the focusing of attention during relaxation.

However, the image size does not fully fill the screen and black bars are visible which is distracting from relaxation.


The image transition types are nice simple cross fades which help maintain a relaxed state but the transition times are a little too quick fast which can have a tendency to break concentration and relaxation.

Special Techniques

The video uses a zoom in and zoom out technique alternatively on each image to give the feeling of motion which I think can aid relaxation.

However, when text is on the screen this is not such a good idea. When the text is positioned in certain places, it does not become visible to read early enough. This can be frustrating and hence not good for relaxation

Quotes About Life Image Relaxation – Life’s Greatest Lessons By in2delite


This guided image relaxation video with an example of life quotes entitled “Life’s Greatest Lessons” is a good concept in principle. It has some great thought provoking quotes to focus attention on to aid relaxation but it is let down with a number of technicalities.

If the following changes were made it would be even better as a relaxation video: either eliminate the zooming effect on the images or ensure the text passages are always visible on the screen; make all images the same size and to fully fill the screen; make the transitions between images longer.

Although ok as an ambient background video, improving the video for relaxation as described above would also enhance this video for use as an ambient background.