Deep Breathing Or Belly Breathing For Stress Reduction By HowcastCareStyle

Stress Management: Deep Breathing for Stress Reduction

…Learn deep breathing for stress reduction in this stress management video…


This is a guided relaxation video on breathing exercises by HowcastCareStyle. It is 1 minute 28 seconds long and focuses on a single theme of the belly breathing exercises, also called deep breathing, diaphragmatic breathing and abdominal breathing. It uses still video of a female instructor to explain the technique and also gives a basic demonstration. The female instructor speaks the instructions whilst relaxing music is played in the background.

Video Components


This relaxation video has a very focused theme of belly breathing exercises. After a brief promotional section by the female instructor she gives a brief introduction to the importance of breathing to reduce symptoms of stress. She then gives a basic demonstration of the technique.


The audio used in this belly breathing exercises video contains the voice of the female instructor (demonstrator) who speaks in a relaxed tone and at a relaxed pace. In the background there is also relaxing music playing.


The verbal instructions are given by the female instructor are clear but they are not very detailed. She does not mention that the chest should not move like many other belly breathing instructors do.


The demonstration is given by the same female that gives the instructions. In other words, the female demonstrator is demonstrating whilst talking. She is in a frontal seated down body position on a couch. She uses visual cues during the demonstration in the form of hand positioning and gestures on the abdomen which supports and reinforces her verbal instructions.


There is only one scene used throughout the entire belly breathing video which is that of the female instructor sitting on a couch in a room. Two camera angles are used, a head and shoulders shot and a belly to head shot. The camera flips between these two shots during the video.


The scene of this belly breathing exercises video shows images of the female instructor and a room with window with closed blinds and flowers on the window sill. The camera angle is horizontal towards the female instructor floor and the window.

Deep Breathing Or Belly Breathing For Stress Reduction By HowcastCareStyle


This belly breathing exercises video is ok at explaining and demonstrating the breathing technique. It is done at a relaxed pace with a relaxed voice and with relaxing music. The instructions and demonstration given are clear and detailed but there is no reference to the chest during breathing and what should be happening, or not, with it.