A California Coast Healing Nature Experience With Nature Sounds By David Huting

Video Components


The theme of the video is nicely focused on coastal scenes and is good for concentration and relaxation.


There are a number of scenes used in this simple relaxation video which are a variety of coastal scenes. The scenes are lovely and I especially like the distance scenes of waves rolling onto beaches.


The audio used in this relaxation video is just the nature sounds of the coastline such as waves on beaches which are nice and relaxing.


The scenes of this simple image relaxation video show images of natural coastal scenery and includes: coastline, rocks, oceans, waves, beaches and sand; skies, cloud, sun, sunrises, sunsets, sunshine and shadows; mountains, hills, cliffs and waterfalls; trees, bushes, flowers and grass; and some birds, dogs and people. There are also some none natural images of bridges, fences and ships.

The image sizes used for this image relaxation video are all uniform and fill the screen completely. Each image is displayed for a good length of time and this I found to aid the focusing of attention and relaxation. However, some images are displayed for a shorter length of time than others which I feel could be disruptive to the rhythm of relaxation.


The transition types between images are simple cross fades which help maintain a relaxed state. The transition times between images are nice and slow which also helps maintain a relaxed state.

Special Techniques

There are no special techniques used in this simple image relaxation video.

A California Coast Healing Nature Experience With Nature Sounds By David Huting


This is a very good simple image relaxation video which is great as a general ambient background relaxation video to use when you are busy doing other activities. You could use it whilst reading a book; as a background to a party; or could even be great for using at bedtime to send you to sleep.

The video is also good for a relaxation session. There is a good variety of lovely scenes and images which completely fill the screen and the transitions between images are nice and slow cross fades. However, I would prefer nature videos to not include man-made structures like bridges, ships and fences and also not include people or barking dogs. I find these a little disruptive to concentration and relaxation.