Feeling Safe

Feeling Safe Contemplations – Hills & Mountains Guided Relaxation Video By IRV

Contemplations Of Feeling Safe By The Hills And Mountains Image Relaxation Video

Feeling Safe Contemplations And Hills & Mountains

This is a Feeling Safe contemplations “Hills and Mountains” relaxation video with relaxing music. The video is a 5 minute guided relaxation video and contemplations are spoken with a female voice.

Video Components


The theme of the guided relaxation video is well focused on Feeling Safe contemplations which are supported by a visual secondary theme of hills and mountains nature images. These two focused factors help with concentration and relaxation.


There are a number of scenes used in this guided relaxation video which are of hills and mountains.


The audio used in this Feeling Safe contemplations relaxation video contains nice relaxing music which is continuous in the background. Contemplations are spoken at intervals using a calm female instructor voice and at a volume that is louder than the background music so that they are heard.

There is also a good time gap between each spoken contemplation to allow time for thought. Note that longer contemplations have less of a time gap before the next contemplation. The overall effect is quite relaxing.

The Feeling Safe contemplations used are:

1. As you gaze at the sky blue tinged snow covered mountains above the wall of conifers, you feel safe with the gentle warmth of the sum on your left cheek.

2. As you look towards the wrinkled grey rocked mountainside, you begin to contemplate older age and feel safe.

3. You feel safe as the v-shaped green valley floor guides your gaze towards the distant haze covered hills below the streaky white cloud scattered sky.

4. As you approach the crest of the rocky hill and observe the peak of the snow covered mountain ahead, you feel safe with the eye shaped formation below it appearing as if to be watching over you.

5. From your rocky hillside your eyes follow the winding stream as it snakes its way down the valley guiding you, and you feel safe.

6. The patchy snow covered mountain peaks bring to mind stormy waves on the ocean surface, yet you feel safe as though looking out from the hill of an island.

7. You feel safe on the trail as you compare and contrast the clear fertile green hill crest ahead of you, to the mist masked mountains beyond, into which the trail disappears.

8. You feel safe on top of the mountain as you observe a small peak shaped like a shark’s fin protruding from the ocean surface.

9. As you descend the mountain, you feel safe as you compare the stony trail along the green ridged hill to your journey through life with its highs and lows.

10. You feel safe as you compare and contrast the dark green shaded tree line to the bright snow covered ridge, tinted pink by the sunlight.

11. You pause for thought on the grey rocky ridge to view the distant mountains, and feel safe as you are reminded of the wilderness of Mother Nature.

12. You feel entirely safe in the wilderness of the hills and mountains.


This guided relaxation technique video uses a series of 12 natural images of hills and mountains and related images of natural things within the scenes. Nature images are thought to have a calming effect and are good for relaxation.

The image sizes used for this image relaxation video are all uniform and the images fill the screen completely. Each image is allocated a 30 seconds time span for display to the viewer which is a good length of time. When the transitions are taken into account each image is fully viewable for approximately 25 seconds. All these factors aid the focusing of attention and relaxation.


Between each of the nature images there a slow cross fade transition. Also, at the start of the video there is a slow fade-in from black transition and at the end there is a slow fade-out to black transition.

Special Techniques

The video uses a pan & zoom technique to give the feeling of motion which I think aids relaxation.

Contemplations Of Feeling Safe By The Hills And Mountains Image Relaxation Video


This guided relaxation video is well focused; has a variety of scenes and images; the audio is a combination of thought provoking contemplations about Feeling Safe and relaxing music; the images fill the screen completely; the transitions are nice and slow cross-fades; and there is good use of pan & zoom to create a feeling of motion.

I think this is a very good video for relaxation and it would also be great for use as an ambient background video.