6 Emotional Symptoms Of Stress, Tension & Anxiety

Do You Know Any

Emotional Symptoms Of Stress, Tension & Anxiety?

The symptoms of stress, tension and anxiety can be experienced through your emotions! Long term symptoms resulting from constant stress, tension or anxiety can and do cause damage to your health and well-being!

Here are 6 potential emotional symptoms of stress, tension & anxiety:

  1. Moodiness;
  2. Irritability or short temper;
  3. Agitation;
  4. Feeling overwhelmed;
  5. Sense of loneliness and isolation; and
  6. Depression or general unhappiness.

Do you feel you may be suffering any of these symptoms due to stress, tension or anxiety? If you are, then activate your “relaxation response” to relax on a daily basis!

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6 Emotional Symptoms Of Stress, Tension & Anxiety

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