David Carbonell

Deep Breathing Exercise or Belly Breathing, Explained By David Carbonell

Deep Breathing Exercise

Here’s a breathing exercise that enables you to soothe the sensations of a panic attack. Discover the common problem that sabotages your efforts to breathe during a panic attack, and learn to overcome it.


This guided relaxation video on breathing exercises by David Carbonell has a length of 6 minutes 31 seconds and focuses on a single theme of the deep breathing exercises, also known as belly breathing, abdominal breathing and diaphragmatic breathing for panic attacks and relaxation. It uses still video of a male instructor who explains and also demonstrate the deep breathing technique.

Video Components


The theme of this relaxation video is well focused on deep breathing exercises. The male instructor provides an introduction to deep breathing related to panic attacks and relaxation. He demonstrates shallow chest breathing and explains that most people that have a panic attack forget to exhale. he then demonstrates the deep breathing technique to ease panic attacks and finishes off by emphasizing repetition through practice to help ease panic attacks.


The audio used in this deep breathing exercises consists of male instructor’s voice only.His tone is relaxing, as is the and pace at which he speaks. A minor technical issue is background noise on the video.


The male instructor’s verbal instructions are clear and very detailed.


The male demonstrator is the same person as the male instructor. This means that he is talking whilst demonstrating. He start off in a frontal seated body position in a chair and changes position during the demonstration to a diagonal sideways position. He also uses visual cues during the demonstration. He uses both hands, one positioned on his chest which should not move and the other on his belly which should move in and out during deep breathing. His use hands during the demonstration is very good for supporting and reinforcing his verbal instructions.


There is one scene used in the video, that of the male instructor, seated in an office chair within an office. However the camera does zoom in and out for different sections of the video.


The scene of this deep breathing exercises video shows images of the male instructor/demonstrator in an office chair within an office. The camera angle is horizontal towards the male demonstrator and the wall and doorway behind him.

Deep Breathing Exercise or Belly Breathing, Explained By David Carbonell


This video has some great background information on deep breathing exercises related to panic attacks and also provides a great demonstration of the deep breathing technique. The male instructor who is also the male demonstrator talks with a relaxed tone and pace. The instructions and demonstration provided are clear and detailed. A great video explanation and demonstration on the technique of deep breathing.