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Three-Part Breath Or Dirgha Pranayama By KripaluVideo

Kripalu Three-Part Breath: Dirgha Pranayama

Larissa Hall Carlson, Kripalu Yoga teacher and Ayurveda specialist, shares a Dirgha Pranayama practice to bring you to a calm, relaxed state…


This guided relaxation breathing exercises video by KripaluVideo is 3 minutes 21 seconds long and focuses on a single theme of the three part breath (3 part breath) breathing exercise. Other names for it are the complete breath or dirgha pranayama (dirga pranayama). This is a still video clip of a female instructor to explains the technique. She is also the female demonstrator to show how it is done.

Video Components


The theme of this relaxation video is well focused on the three part breath breathing exercises. After a brief introduction the female instructor starts the demonstration. She also finishes off with a brief summary about observing the effects of the technique.


The audio used in this breathing exercises video contains only the voice of the female instructor The tone and pace of the instructor is nice and relaxing.


The verbal instructions are given by the female instructor are clear and detailed on the in breath. There is also good use of repetition to reinforce learning. However, the out breath instructions are a little bit sketchy. It leaves me a little unclear as to what is happening on the out breath. She seems to imply that the abdomen area is the last part of the lungs to deflate but it is not stated explicitly.


The demonstration is given by the same female that gives the instructions. In other words, she is demonstrating whilst talking. She is in a frontal seated body position on the floor. She also uses visual cues during the demonstration in the form of hand positioning and gestures on the abdomen or belly and the chest. Her use of her hands does support and reinforce her verbal instructions well.


There is only one scene used throughout the entire video which is that of female instructor demonstrating the breathing exercise within a room.


The scene of this breathing exercises video show images of the female instructor only against a bright wall.

Three-Part Breath Or Dirgha Pranayama By KripaluVideo


This breathing exercises video is quite a good example of how to do the three part breath technique. The instructions and demonstration given is clear and detailed with good use of repetition to reinforce learning. However, it is let down by a slightly unclear out breath explanation regarding the order of what parts of the lungs deflate first and last.

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