Quotes About Life Relaxation Video – Lesson In Life By butterflyhermosa

Quotes About Life Lessons

What have you learned in life? Have you made mistakes and had learned from it and tried to move on or are you always on the same destructive path? You have control of your own life….learn from your mistakes…no one can dictate to you what you can or cannot do…live life to the fullest and always smile and be happy….


This life quotes image relaxation video by butterflyhermosa is 4 minutes long. It has a single theme of one long quotation entitled “Lesson In Life” by an unknown author. It uses a still image of a beach scene in combination with relaxing music and splits the quotation into a number of text passages which are displayed on the screen.

Video Components


The theme of the video is nicely focused on a single quotation which is a good focal point for concentration and relaxation.


This life quotes relaxation video uses just one main scene which is a beach scene.


The audio used in this relaxation video is relaxing music which is a famous tune with the prominent instrument being the piano.


The scene of this life quotes relaxation video is nice and shows images of a beach with waves in the ocean and clouds in the sky. The sand on the beach also has a heart shape drawn in it. However, the image size does not fill the screen completely and distracting black bars are visible.

The image is displayed constantly throughout the video and text passages are displayed on top of the image at various times. However, the display time for each text passage is too short for reading in a relaxed state and for contemplating on.

Neither of these two factors are good for aiding the focusing of attention during relaxation.


The transition types used in this video are not between images but are between text passages. The transitions involve two parts: a fade in to text with a grey bar and a glowing sun image which fades out; plus a fade out of text. These transition type are a bit distracting from the message being displayed and the transition time could do with being a little longer to encourage a relaxed state.

Special Techniques

There are no special techniques used in this simple image relaxation video.

Quotes About Life Relaxation Video – Lesson In Life By butterflyhermosa


This guided image relaxation video with an example of life quotes entitled “Lesson In Life” is ok for relaxation. The quotations are long and thought provoking and this helps to focus your attention. They may also invoke some emotion, which depending on your point of view, might help or hinder relaxation. Often, the release of emotions can help you feel more relaxed.

I think this video is an ok relaxation video but it could have been even better if the creator had ensured the image filled the screen completely; the display time for each text passage should be longer; transitions between text passages should be slower and more simple.

As there is only one image in this video, for me it is not good for use as an ambient background video as there is not enough to see to maintain my interest.

Also, with an ambient background video, you should be able to look up at it for a short while, gain a relaxation benefit and then look away. With the use of one long text passage, as in this example, you are more likely to get frustrated as you will only see a part of the overall text. Short text passage displayed on a single screen would be best for an ambient background video.