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Great Life Quotes For Inspiration And Motivation By BodyMindPower

Great Quotes – Life – Inspiration – Motivation – Yoga Music – Meditation

…Wonderful, positive, inspirational and motivational Life quotes…


“Great Life Quotes For Inspiration And Motivation” image relaxation video by BodyMindPower is 7 minutes 17 seconds long and focuses on a single theme of life quotes. It uses still video of a burning wick scene in combination with relaxing music. It shows complete, individual life quotes, one at a time during the length of the video.

Video Components


The video theme is very well focused on life quotes with a very focused supporting secondary theme of the burning wick scene. The two of these factors combine well to help with concentration and relaxation.


There is only one scene within this video, that of a burning wick against a backdrop which appears to be a little den of undergrowth, with an opening out into the light of day. The scene is nice and relaxing.

The fact that there is only one scene most probably helps the viewer to really focus on the quote being presented instead of being distracted by a new image with each new quote.


The audio used in this life quotes video is relaxing music which has a nice tempo to aid concentration and relaxation.


The single scene of this life quotes video shows images of a burning wick and a fuel container. The video size is one continuous size which fills the screen. There are also dark regions above and below the wick, presumably to provide contrast with the burning wick and to help viewers concentrate and relax.

Life quotes text is displayed to the left of the burning wick in a nice font which is ok for relaxed reading. However, a minor negative point is that the author name for the quote is a bit too small for relaxed reading.

The display time for each quote is good to allow for reading in a relaxed state. There is also a good time gap before the next quote is displayed which allows for contemplation of the quote and this encourages relaxation.


As there is only one continuous video scene there are no image transitions. There are however transitions used to display the text passages of the quotes. The transitions used are nice and slow fade in and fade out which is good for focus of attention and relaxation.

Special Techniques

There are no special techniques used in this simple image relaxation video.

Great Life Quotes For Inspiration And Motivation By BodyMindPower


I think this life quotes video is a really good example of a guided relaxation video. There is a well focused theme and scene with some great life quotes and some lovely relaxing music.

Although there is only one scene in the video I think it would also be good to use as an ambient background video as variety is provided in the form of the quotes.

Having said that, I believe a little more variety of scenes and images within the theme would only enhance the video for both relaxation and as an ambient background.