Guided Visualisation Meditation In The Green Wood Of Middle Earth By TheHonestGuys

Guided Visualisation ‘The Green Wood’ Middle Earth Meditation

…Enjoy this relaxing retreat into an enjoyable fantasy world specifically based in Middle Earth.


This guided relaxation video is also a guided visualization meditation video. Created by TheHonestGuys it is 21 minutes 27 seconds long and uses visualization techniques that focus on a single theme of the guided visualization for relaxation. It uses still video of nature scenes and there is a male instructor voiceover to guide you through the guided visualization techniques whilst nature sounds, sound effects, and relaxing music are played in the background.

Video Components


The main theme of this guided visualization meditation video is well focused on guided visualization, more specifically the guided visualization for relaxation. There is also a secondary image relaxation theme based around nature scenes to aid visualization meditation and relaxation, and support the guided visualization meditation theme.


The audio used in this guided visualization meditation video contains the voice of the male instructor. The tone and pace of the instructor very relaxing. There is also some relaxing music played in the background together with nature sounds and effective sound effects such as footsteps.


The verbal instructions given by the male instructor in this guided visualization meditation video are clear and detailed.

The video begins with an introduction which includes headphone instructions and opening credits on a screen with white dots coming towards the viewer as if travelling through space. The male instructor begins speaking at 4 seconds:

You are about to embark on a guided meditation journey in to Middle Earth, where you will experience a profound sense of calmness and relaxation.
I will be your guiding voice and will lead you through your meditative journey. A journey that will allow you to experience the deepest levels of peace and serenity.
To get the best out of this experience, make sure you are sitting comfortably in a soft chair or lying down on a comfortable bed.
Remember, this time is for you and you alone. You don’t need to do anything except relax and allow yourself to have this time.

At 1.15 the introduction ends and new music is begun whilst the screen slowly cross fades into a new scene. The scene is of a Buddha statue sitting beside a pond with fish swimming in the pond and the sun reflecting in the water. The male instructor speaks again:

So, if you are ready to begin, then start by closing your eyes.
Breathe in deeply, feeling the clean fresh air entering your lungs.
Exhale hot, tense air.
Take another deep breath now and feel any tension leaving your body as your slowly exhale.
Now just breathe normally, breathing in and out with a calmness of mind, body and spirit, and an intention of deep relaxation.
Enjoy that feeling of unhurried calmness and relaxation slowly soaking into your mind and spreading throughout your whole body.
Think of it as a gift, a wonderful gift to yourself that will bring you a higher state of calmness and clarity of thought in your normal day to day life.

At 3.27 the sound of wind is played and the male instructor continues speaking at 3.50:

The first thing that you hear is the gentle whisper of the wind high up on a leafy canopy.
You open your eyes and see before you a green forest.
The trees are widely spaced like pillars of some great living hall, letting the sun fall in ever moving flecks of light on to the grass of the forest floor.

At 4.18 the screen begins to slowly cross fade in to a scene of a lake surrounded by trees and plants with reflections in the water and a mountain behind. The male instructor continues:

Your back rests against a large tree and above your head is the eternal music of the wind.
For a time, you sit absorbing the deep serenity of this place.
You can smell rich earth, ferns and water, leaves washed by rain.
You time your breathing to the slow pulse of nature.
With every exhalation of air, you expel worry, negativity and the problems of the world, and you inhale the purity of this world.
Slowly you get to your feet.
They are bare on the grass which is warm and soft.

At 5.45 the sound of footsteps are played together with bird songs and he continues:

As you walk you see the trees marching off into a distant haze.
Bird song reaches your ears, somnolent in the clean air.
The grass is starred with tiny flowers, white, blue and yellow, and they seem to release a faint sweet fragrance as you walk.
Ahead of you there is a sudden movement, as a pure white stag moves, grazing into your path.
With a flick of its tail it leaps away into the trees.
Such sights were a sign in older times, an omen, and you decide to follow it.
But, there is no hurry, you know this to be true.
This is not the modern world where you need to rush.
You brush your hand against a tree trunk as you pass, feeling the warm, deep murmur of the living sap within, and then lift your head at the sound of running water.

At about 7.20 the sound of running water is added and he continues:

You follow it to a stream where the white deer drinks before jumping the water and trotting on into the forest.
It waits with its head turned back toward you, branching antlers, proud as a woodland king’s crown, eyes huge and unfathomable.
The stream is no more than four feet across, running over smooth round pebbles of polished brown and grey, and pale sand that sparkles slightly.
You dip your hands into the water, cup it in your palms, and the filtered light turns it in to liquid light.
You drink and feel every taste of the forest untainted by pollution.
This water, might be water that flowed at the beginning of time in some clean unsullied world.
It whispers through your veins and you smile as you wade across it.
It refreshes and exhilarates you, and you feel now as if you could run forever.
But, the beauty of this forest is too entrancing, it must be absorbed.
And, so you walk, following the deer.

At 9.26 the sound of the running water is slowly faded out and he speaks again:

Ahead, you see that the sun falls on a clearing.
Most of the light drifts on the hot lazy air like pollen made from the dust of diamonds.
The stream crosses this clearing and the air smells of warm grass, like newly harvested hay, like eternal spring, like sleep and wine.
Honeysuckle blooms on the margins and butterflies dance in the dazzling air, like fragile flowers.
The white deer crosses the glade before you and enters the woods again.
Speckles of light and shadow move across the grass as the breeze threads the treetops.

By 10.30 the sound of water has gone. He goes on:

A small bird flits across your path, landing upon a tree branch, and sings sleepily.
The stream runs on to your right, clean and sweet, adding its own small gentle music to the magic of the woods.

Around 11.05 the sound of the water returns and he says:

And as you kneel to drink again, you begin to feel as if you are being watched.
In other circumstances, this might make you nervous but not here.
The regard feels inhuman but not dangerous, as if the forest itself has opened its eyes and is aware of you.
You straighten and walk on, examining the smooth tree boles as you pass them, unsure if you see in the curves and lines of the bark, the shape of faces that disappear back into shadow.
Two great trees arch toward each other, forming a living doorway, and beyond it a trail winds deeper into the forest, past banks of flowers, gentle green mounds where apple trees grow thick with pink and white blossom.

By 12.25 dreamlike relaxing music has already been slowly faded in and her continues to speak:

The air has a dreamlike quality now, and you think of the old legends of people who walk into some fairy realm.
You stop as you see another great tree, and standing on one of the wide branches, a figure in green and brown, the colours of the land, almost impossible to see if they did not wish you to.
A long fall of pale hair stirs in the breeze.
They carry a great bow but the arrow points down and their face is unthreatening, smooth as enamel and inhumanly beautiful face, but one which carries no ill will.
You have been permitted to cross into this ancient forest and no-one here wishes you harm.
A whirl of apple blossom carried on some stray drift of air crosses your path and when you look again, the figure is gone, perhaps moving quicker than your eye can follow, or having melted back in to the sap and timber of the tree.
The path meanders as if in no hurry to reach its end.
A red squirrel jumps across your path, gives you an animal curious glance, and goes on its way.
You pass between two small trees that stand like graceful sentinels, and before you opens a clear pool.
The banks around it are of grass and as smooth as a lawn.
The white stag drinks from it before raising its head and walking away.
The air seems to sparkle and blur around it and what fades into the trees in no longer a deer, perhaps a crown now sits upon its brow.
There is a lilt of gleaming hair, and then its gone.
Perhaps nothing here is what it seems.
The pool lies still as beaten metal under the eye of the sun, apple blossoms resting like flowery offerings on its surface.
Two swans with signets following, sail unhurriedly across to a clump of reeds on the far side.

At about 16.05, gentle flute music is played and he says:

From somewhere comes the sound of music.
A flute perhaps, playing a song as old as myth.
Around you the trees recede like the Earth’s dancers, into a deep green haze.
You are sure now that you can glimpse here and there among them, and through the shimmer of leaves, the immortal guardians of this place.
There and gone in the space between one blink and another.
The sound of the flute draws you on, past the pool, deeper into the forest through glades where deer graze and show no alarm at your passing.
You wonder if to them you are as ghostly as the ones in the trees, those made out of fragments of light and the brush of shadow.
The air is dimmer now and somewhere beyond the trees, the sun is beginning to set.
The breeze has dropped and mild shadows mass thicker.
Before you a great hill shoulders its way from the forest, crowned with the pearling rind of the moon.
A bridge crosses a swift river whose foaming tumble grows louder, the close you approach.

At about 18.05 the sound of running water increases and he continues:

Great gates lie open into these forest halls.
Light shines out, warm and golden, as if through coloured glass.
You are very aware now of the guardians, standing in the tree, melting in and out of the weave of branch in the thickening dust.
Wait, says a voice in your mind, formed out of the wind and waters of the Earth.
For some who enter, never return.
You feel a hand on your back, guiding you firmly but gently.
For now, the voice says, you must return by this bridge to your own world, but if you come again, and again after that, perhaps in time you can enter the halls of our king and be named a friend.
One who can come and go between your world and ours at will.
You set your feet on the wood of the bridge and hear the water dip and whirl below.
Part of you wants to walk beyond the golden light, into legend, but you understand that you must first become used to this place of enchantment, for few ever come here now.

At about 19.43 the screen begins to slowly cross fade in to the pond scene used at the start of the video, and he says:

The light breaks and floats into your eyes, filling your body with a comfort like honey and leaving behind the taste of peace, the promise of magic.
You sit still as you begin to return to your world, knowing that the enchanted forest and its inhabitants, wait for you to return.
How far you’ll go, only you know.

At 20.24 the guided visualization has ended with music and the credits begin. At 20.55 the screen cross fades into a blue screen with white light moving around and a promotional screen on top until the end of the video.


There are two scenes used in this guided meditation visualization video which are nature scenes which I feel succeed in their purpose of creating a relaxing visual environment for the viewer:

  • A Buddha statue sitting beside a pond with fish swimming in the pond and the sun reflecting in the water.
  • A lake surrounded by trees and plants with reflections in the water and a mountain behind.


The scene of this guided meditation visualization techniques video show images of a Buddha statue, water in the form of a pond and a lake, fish, sun, sunshine and reflections in the water, trees, plants and a mountain.

The video sizes used for the image relaxation aspect of this guided visualization meditation video are all uniform and fill the screen completely. Each video is displayed for a good length of time which serve to aid the focusing of attention and relaxation.


The transition types between images for the image relaxation aspect of this guided visualization meditation video are simple cross fades which help maintain a relaxed state. Also, the transition times between images are nice and slow which help maintain a relaxed state.

Special Techniques

This video also uses two special effects video clips as follows, which I feel are fairly relaxing for the viewer:

  • White dots on a black background coming towards the viewer as if travelling through space.
  • A blue screen with white light moving around.

Guided Visualisation Meditation In The Green Wood Of Middle Earth By TheHonestGuys


This guided visualization techniques video is excellent at taking you through a guided visualization for relaxation session. It is done at a relaxed pace with a relaxed tone of voice from the male instructor together with relaxing nature sounds, sound effects and relaxing music. The instructions are clear and detailed, although at times words are used that the viewer may not know such as “somnolent” and “tree boles” which may be a little confusing.

It also has an excellent simple image relaxation video aspect to it, displaying pond and lake nature scenes, which are great for visualization meditation and relaxation.