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Stress Relief Guided Meditation – Serenity In The Sky By TheHonestGuys

Guided Meditation for Stress Relief – Serenity In The Sky

A high quality guided Meditation for Stress Relief. Enjoy the serene experience of floating up into the sky and flying through the clouds as you watch your stress levels vanish.


This guided relaxation meditation video by TheHonestGuys is 11 minutes 36 seconds long and focuses on a single theme of the guided meditation for stress relief. It uses still video of nature scenes and there is a male instructor voiceover to guide you through the guided meditation techniques whilst nature sounds and relaxing music are played in the background.



The main theme of this guided meditation relaxation video is well focused on guided meditation, more specifically the guided meditation for relaxation. There is also a secondary image relaxation theme based around nature scenes of skies and clouds plus a grass field and to aid relaxation.


The audio used in this guided relaxation meditation video contains the voice of the male instructor who had a nice and relaxing tone and pace. There was also relaxing music and nature wind sounds played in the background at various stages of the video.


The verbal instructions given by the male instructor in this guided relaxation meditation video are clear and detailed.

The video begins with an introduction containing a number of cross fading video clip of vehicle traffic travelling along a motorway, presumably to represent our busy, hectic lives. Relaxing music is played and written headphone advice and title screens are displayed. The male instructor starts talking at 7 seconds:

This meditation will focus on bringing you serenity and stress relief.
Stress is not always a negative thing.
We use it to take action and to achieve goals.
But when stress becomes a part of your life, it can become exhausting and lead to problems.
Use this time to drift away from all your causes of stress.
Our videos are made with genuine care and we would like you to imagine that we are with you, alleviating the burden.

At 1 minute 23 seconds, different louder relaxing music is played and the screen slowly cross fades to a white screen and the music fades to silence. At 1 minute 48 seconds the instructor says:

To begin, lye down on a bed or a sofa.
Move your arms and legs a little way apart from your body.
Close yout eyes.

At 2 minutes, 4 seconds the white screen slowly cross fades in to a scene and relaxing music is played. The scene is of a field of green grass with green bushes behind, rays of sunshine from above and red circles on the screen. At 2 minutes 22 seconds he says:

Focus now on your breathing.
Breathe in through your nose to the count of two.
And exhale to the count of four until you begin to feel more relaxed.
In a moment, I’m going to ask you to tense up your muscles.
If you are unable to do this, don’t worry, just continue to breathe in for the count of two, and breathe out for the count of four, while I talk through the tensing up exercise.
Now, if you are able to do so, try to tense up all the muscles in your body, from your feet to your neck.
Hold the tension as tight as is comfortable.
In a few seconds, I will say the word relax.
When I do, allow your whole body to suddenly go limp.
Hold the tension for a few more seconds.
Are you ready?
And, relax.

At 4 minutes 12 seconds, the relaxing music stops suddenly and he says:

Let your entire body go limp and loose.

At 4 minutes 17 seconds, another relaxing music track is begun and he continues:

Roll your arms and legs from side to side a few times, and then just let them be.
Take another deep breath, imagining the air is filling your stomach.
Allow your stomach to rise and fill with pure refreshing air.
Hold the air inside for a moment, and then release slowly in a long exhale.
Let’s do this one more time, taking another deep breath and imagining the air is filling your stomach.
Hold it for a few seconds and exhale slowly in a long controlled breath.

At 5 minutes 24 seconds the music fades to silence and he says:

Notice how much more relaxed you are now feeling as you allow your mind and body the opportunity to experience this quality time out.

After relaxing music with the nature sound of wind begins at 5 minutes 40 seconds and the screen slowly fades to white, at 5 minutes 43 seconds he says:

Now, I want you to imagine a cushion of energy beginning to form under the length of you body, and your body rising on this support.
Feel a cloud form under your body, white, softer than goose down, cushioning every limb, every muscle.

At 6 minutes 11 seconds the screen slowly cross fades to blue as he says:

A beautiful blue sky is above you, casting itself in to infinity.
Feel the cloud rise, and as it does so, imagine you are moving away from anything that causes you stress.

By the time he say finishes saying that the screen has already begun to cross fade very slowly in to a scene of fluffy white and light grey clouds floating on a brilliant blue sky from right to left, and at 6 minutes 43 seconds before the screen has completely transitioned he says:

You are floating away from it all, from any agitation, fear or pain.
On this cloud you are completely free.
You can turn on it as if it were a bed, and look down on the world below.
You cannot see even a shadow of your worries.
The land opens.
A crumpled many coloured quilt of meadows.
The glinting ribbon of rivers.
Little lanes.
A scatter of houses.
The blue eyes of lakes.
Forests like great blooms, following the dip and rise of hills and valleys
The breathing of the sea at the edges of the would.
The air sweeps you along but you are perfectly warm, relaxed and secure.
You can watch a flock of birds flying below in a great v-shape

At 8 minutes 55 seconds the screen slowly cross fades to another scene with white clouds drifting across a brilliant blue sky from top to bottom and the sun shining through the clouds. He continues by saying:

The sun soaks into your skin.
There is a great silence up here as you travel with the whisper of the wind, and in that silence, there is a vast sense of peace, the freedom that comes with the release of all that troubles you.

At 9 minutes 38 seconds the screen slowly cross fades back to the first sky and clouds scene and at 9 minutes 43 seconds he says:

Take as long as you like to explore the skies, to look down at the changing landscape below you.
Seeing places, perhaps that you have always wanted to visit and now see from above.
When you are ready, begin to drift down slowly.
There is no hurry.

At 10 minutes 35 seconds the music has already faded out, the screen begins to slowly cross fade in to a blue then white screen, and the title screen begin to display whilst he says:

Feel your slow and steady breathing as the cloud carries you gently back to your home, to where your body lies in relaxation.
Feel again the weight of your body
Let your mind remain still before to take a few slow deep breaths, and in your own time when you are ready, open your eyes, knowing that you are welcome to return to the cloud and leave the world behind you, whenever you wish.

By 11 minutes 25 seconds the wind nature sounds have faded to silence and then the screen slowly fades out to black.


There are a number of scenes used in this guided meditation relaxation video which are a variety of nature scenes aimed at creating a relaxing visual environment for the viewer. The scenes are:

  • Field of green grass with green bushes behind, rays of sunshine from above and red circles on the screen.
  • Fluffy white and light grey clouds floating on a brilliant blue sky from right to left.
  • White clouds drifting across a brilliant blue sky from top to bottom and the sun shining through the clouds.

There was also a scene at the start which I assume is to remind the viewer of how busy and stressful our world can be:

  • Vehicle traffic travelling along a motorway.


The scene of this guided relaxation meditation techniques video show images of motorways, vehicles, fields, grass, bushes, sun, sunshine, skies and clouds. The image sizes used for the image relaxation aspect of this guided relaxation meditation video are all one size which is good for concentration and relaxation but they do not fill the screen completely and distracting black bars are visible. Each image is displayed for a good length of time which I found to aid concentration during relaxation.


The transition types between images for the image relaxation aspect of this guided relaxation meditation video are simple cross fades which are also nice and slow which helps to maintain concentration and a relaxed state.

Special Techniques

There are no special techniques used in this simple image relaxation video.

Stress Relief Guided Meditation – Serenity In The Sky By TheHonestGuys


This guided meditation techniques video is excellent at taking you through a guided meditation for relaxation session. It is done at a relaxed pace and with a relaxed tone of voice from the male instructor. There is excellent use of relaxing nature sounds and relaxing music and the instructions of the male instructor are clear and detailed

The video also has an great simple image relaxation video aspect to it, displaying skies and clouds plus grass field nature scenes, which are also great for relaxation and meditation. However this aspect was let down slightly by the fact the images were not full screen and distracting black bars were visible.

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