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Simple Image Relaxation Video With Relaxing Classical Bach Music stuffedXcucambor

Relaxing Classical Bach music


This simple image relaxation video by stuffedXcucambor is 8 minutes 45 seconds long and seems to be more focused on the music theme of Bach music but is also focused on a single theme of oceans. It uses still images of ocean scenes in combination with relaxing Bach classical music. It has over 3 million views with thousands of likes and comments.

Video Components


The video theme is well focused on ocean scenes which aids concentration and relaxation.


There are only four images used in this image relaxation video, one for each music track. All four images are nice but my favourite is the second one which has planets in the sky and reflections on the ocean.


The audio track of this relaxation video is just Bach music. However, I do not find this music that relaxing. The first track is ok for relaxation but the other tracks have too fast a tempo to be relaxing.


The scenes of this Relaxing Classical Bach Music Video show images of oceans, waves, boats, skies, planets, reflections, sunsets, lightening, coastline, trees, hills and mountains.

All images used are the same size in this image relaxation video and images are displayed for the full length of their respective music tracks which aids concentration during relaxation. However, the images do not completely fill the screen. There are black bars either side which are a little distracting to concentration and relaxation.


The types of transition used between images are all different and of the type which are disruptive to concentration and relaxation. A simple cross fade would be far more effective for relaxation. The transition times between images are also too fast which also means they can tend to break concentration and relaxation.

Special Techniques

There are no special techniques used in this simple image relaxation video.

Simple Image Relaxation Video With Relaxing Classical Bach Music stuffedXcucambor


I could not see myself using this video as either a relaxation video or as an ambient background video.

With regards to relaxation, the most important component, that of the music, has too fast a tempo. Although the images used are nice, they have distracting black bars on each side and the transitions are distracting.

This video is unlikely to be good as an ambient background video as it is not that interesting with just four images to look at. It could be considering boring and as a result you may fall asleep due to lack of scene variety.

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