Relaxation Video Formats

There are two types of relaxation video format used for relaxation videos here at Image Relaxation Videos:

  • Ambient Background Videos – With ambient backgrounds, the video is simply a visual and audio recording which plays without any additional introduction or ending sections added.

    With ambient background recordings you can put them on repeat play without any interruption to the video scene or audio. An ambient background can be made the focus of your attention if you wish, or it can be played in the background when you are focussed on other tasks, like reading or in social situations like parties, or before going to sleep at night.

  • Relaxation Session Videos – With relaxation sessions, the video has an introduction section with some audio instruction, and an ending session at a set time period aimed an ensuring you have not fallen asleep, that is, a specific end time.

    With relaxation session recordings you know how long the session is going to last and can thus easily fit them into your lifestyle, such as part of a daily relaxation routine. You can slot a session into your lifestyle first thing in the morning, in a short break at work during the day, or after work in the evening.

Relaxation Content Type

There are also two categories of relaxation content type used for relaxation videos here at Image Relaxation Videos:

  • Simple Relaxation – With simple relaxation, the content of the video is simply a combination of nature scenes with audio in the form of either relaxing music or relaxing nature sounds.
  • Guided Relaxation – With guided relaxation there is another dimension added to simple relaxation content in the form of spoken information, such as a set of positive affirmations or a set of quotations.