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Ocean Waves Relaxation For Sleep One Hour Video By TheHonestGuys

1 Hour Relaxation – Ocean Waves – Sleep Video

…Relax and drift off to sleep naturally with this high quality recording of gentle ocean waves…


This simple image relaxation video by TheHonestGuys is 1 hour, 14 seconds long and focuses on a single theme of ocean waves for sleep relaxation. It uses a single still image of waves on a sunset beach in combination with relaxing waves nature sounds.

Video Components


The theme of the video is nicely focused on waves crashing on a beach and is great for concentration and relaxation.


There is one one scene used throughout this simple relaxation video, that of beautiful and relaxing waves crashing on to a beach at sunset.


The audio used in this relaxation video is just the nature sounds of waves crashing on to a beach which has a mesmerizing and relaxing effect.


The single scene of this sleep relaxation video shows individual images of coastline, oceans, waves, sunsets, skies, clouds, sunshine, reflections and sand. The overall image size used for this image relaxation video fills the screen completely when in full screen mode.


As there is only one image used throughout this relaxation video, there are no transitions.

Special Techniques

There are no special effects used in this relaxation video.

Ocean Waves Relaxation For Sleep One Hour Video By TheHonestGuys


In my opinion, this straightforward, uncomplicated arrangement of one scene with the nature sounds of waves is great for relaxation. The ocean waves on the beach image is very pleasing to look at and it functions as a focal point for contemplation and relaxation. With just one scene and main image you are highly likely to fall asleep during relaxation, which in this purpose of the video creators. I could see myself using this ocean waves video for relaxation and helping go to sleep.

This video is unlikely to be great as an ambient background video as it is not that interesting with only one image. On the other hand, some people may just wish to have a single image with the nature sounds to help them relax and concentrate on other tasks.

Any improvements I suggest would change the nature of the video. Improvements could be to use more variety of beach scenes and use still video clips of moving waves making sure any transitions are slow cross fades. It would still be a great relaxation video but would also make it a great ambient background video.

However, having said that, the video is still great for relaxation as it is.

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