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Ocean Waves, Beaches & Coast – 1 Hour Relaxing Nature Sounds – Spa Relaxation Meditation Study Sleep By IRV

Ocean Waves, Beaches & Coast – 1 Hour Relaxing Nature Sounds – Spa Relaxation Meditation Study Sleep

Ocean Waves, Beaches & Coast – 1 Hour Relaxing Nature Sounds – Spa Relaxation Meditation Study Sleep. Nature sounds without music – play on low volume in the background while you are visiting a spa for relaxation; doing meditation; studying, wanting to sleep; chilling out; or doing any other activity for a blissful ambiance and zen like experience.


This is a one hour ambient background video that combines twelve 5 minute nature video clips of “Ocean Waves, Beaches & Coast” with nature sounds.

Video Components


The theme of the video is well focused on “Ocean Waves, Beaches & Coast” and is good for playing in the background to provide a calming atmosphere whilst undertaking other tasks.


This one hour ambient background video combines twelve, 5 minute scenes of “Ocean Waves, Beaches & Coast”.


The audio of this ambient background video is simply nature sounds from “Ocean Waves, Beaches & Coast” scenes, which I feel have a calming effect on the listener.


This ambient background video uses twelve still video clips, each 5 minutes long, containing natural scenes that include “Ocean Waves, Beaches & Coast”. The image size used for this video fills the screen completely. My favourite video clip is number 1 which shows a lovely coastal sunrise with the sun reflecting on the ocean waves.


There are twelve still video clip used in this ambient background video with transitions between scenes using a gentle cross-fade.

Special Techniques

The video begins with an introduction section. First there is a disclaimer, which can be paused if you wish to read it. Then an atmospheric sound begins and there is a message that the video is “best enjoyed with headphones”. The display then shows a cloud of mist as if you are travelling through it and displays the message “Image Relaxation Videos Present”, followed by the message “1 Hour Nature Sounds” and the video title. The mist soon ends and the first scene begins with a gentle cross fade-in. At the end of the video there is a gentle cross fade-out to a copyright notice.

Ocean Waves Nature Sounds


This ambient background video is well focused with twelve video clips about “Ocean Waves, Beaches & Coast” used. The variety of calming scenes and motions within the video provides interest to the viewer. The audio contains natural nature sounds which I find calming.
I think this is a very good video for use as an ambient background video as it is one hour long. It can also be used in sequence with other videos or placed on repeat play. Apart from a short introduction and ending, there are no interruptions between nature images and nature sounds.

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