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Ocean Waves, Beach & Bay View from Rocks With Ocean Quotes & Relaxing Music Ambient Background By IRV

Ocean Waves, Beach & Bay View from Rocks With Ocean Quotes & Relaxing Music Ambient Background

Watch 5 minutes of ocean waves with a view across the beach and bay from rocks and listen to ocean quotes with A Pure Embrace relaxing music.


This is an “Ocean Waves, Beach & Bay View from Rocks” ambient background relaxation video that uses a 5 minute nature video clip with ocean quotations in a calm female voice in combination with relaxing music. The video is 5 minutes long with no introduction or ending.

Video Components


The theme of this ambient background relaxation video is well focused on quotations related to oceans. These quotes are supported by a visual secondary theme of an ocean waves nature scene. These factors are good for playing the video in the background to provide a calming atmosphere whilst undertaking other tasks.


This ambient background relaxation video uses just one 5 minute scene of “Ocean Waves, Beach & Bay View from Rocks”.


The audio used in this ambient background video contains ocean quotations combined with relaxing music which has a slow tempo which I feel has a calming effect on the listener.

The music track is called “A Pure Embrace” by Christopher Lloyd Clarke at

There are 12 quotations with each being spoken within consecutive 25 second intervals. They are spoken using a calm female instructor voice at a volume that is louder than the background relaxing music so that they are heard. There is also a good time gap between each spoken quotation to allow time for thought. Note that longer quotations have less of a time gap before the next quotation. The overall effect is quite relaxing.

The ocean quotations used are:

1. Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean. By Ryunosuke Satoro

2. I am the shore and the ocean, awaiting myself on both sides. By Dejan Stojanovic

3. Wherever people go to find peace – that’s what I find in the ocean. By Willow Aster

4. I could never stay long enough on the shore; the tang of the untainted, fresh, and free sea air was like a cool, quieting thought. By Helen Keller

5. A pool just isn’t the same as the ocean. It has no energy. No life. By Linda Gerber

6. The progress of rivers to the ocean is not so rapid as that of man to error. By Voltaire

7. I wonder if the ocean smells different on the other side of the world. By J.A. Redmerski

8. Our knowledge is a little island in a great ocean of nonknowledge. By Isaac Bashevis Singer

9. The sea has never been friendly to man. At most it has been the accomplice of human restlessness. By Joseph Conrad

10. In the ocean of baseness, the deeper we get, the easier the sinking. By James Russell Lowell

11. We all have a sea inside us; can you hear it? Can you hear the ocean roaring? By Dianna Hardy

12. How inappropriate to call this planet Earth when it is quite clearly Ocean. By Arthur C. Clarke


This ambient background relaxation video uses one 5 minute still video clip of one natural scene that includes ocean waves. The image size used for this image relaxation video fills the screen completely. Images within the scene include waves in an ocean and a sandy bay beach which is in shadow due to the rising sun being behind clouds in the distance. I particularly like this sideways view of the waves across the bay and the way the waves leave bubbly wash behind them as they roll on to the sandy beach together with some mist rising from the waves.

There is also a narrow band on the bottom of the video for the company name and copyright notice. This has been designed to have a low visual impact so that there is very little distraction to the viewer.


As there is only one still video clip used in this ambient background relaxation video there are no transitions used. However, at the start of the video there is a slow fade-in from black transition and at the end there is a slow fade-out to black transition.

Special Techniques

There are no special techniques used in this ambient background relaxation video.

Ocean Waves, Beach & Bay View from Rocks With Ocean Quotes & Relaxing Music Ambient Background By IRV


This ambient background relaxation video is well focused with quotations related to the ocean and just one video clip of “Ocean Waves, Beach & Bay View from Rocks” used which fills the screen completely. The motion of the ocean waves within the video clip provide interest to the viewer. The audio is a combination of thought provoking ocean quotes and nice relaxing music.

I think this is a very good video for use as an ambient background video. It can be used in sequence with other videos or placed on repeat play. There are no interruptions at the beginning or at the end, just nature images, quotations and relaxing music.

As there is no introduction or ending to the video, just a fade-in and fade-out, it could be used in a modular way, that is, used in combination with other similar videos in a playlist without any interruptions.

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