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Image Relaxation Videos – Nature Images And Beautiful Music Meditation By Thundralight

Nature images and beautiful music Video Relaxation, Meditation

Videos for Insomniacs to help you relax and fall asleep. Better than sleeping pills. Lay down and turn the music low and watch about 4 of these FULL SCREEN and you will fall to sleep and have beautiful dreams. Enjoy The Beauty Of Gods Creation. Our daily lives are filled with stress, and most people forget the peace of Gods creation as all they see every day is an office, cement, cars, distractions and noise and have forgotten how peaceful and beautiful and awesome this earth is and how God intended things to be for us, beautiful, peaceful and lovely and awe inspiring. Music Videos For Relaxation and Meditation


This simple image relaxation video by Thundralight is 2 minutes 39 seconds long and displays several themes of nature. It uses still video and still images of nature scenes in combination with relaxing music.

Video Components


Many themes are combined in this general video. The video theme is not well focused which does not aid focusing of attention and relaxation.


Many of the scenes are lovely and I especially like the video clip of the butterfly on the flower scene.


The audio used in this relaxation video is music which is nice and relaxing with a good slow tempo. Some of the video clips used also nature sounds in them.


In this video the author has collated a variety of nature scenes, which includes images of mountains, hills, beaches, oceans, coastline, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, water, skies, clouds, sun, rainbows, mists, in combination with trees, flowers, bear, birds, panda and butterflies.

Although all the image sizes used for this image relaxation video are uniform none of them fill the screen completely and distracting black bars are visible. The display time of each image is too short. These factors are distracting to concentration which is detrimental to relaxation.


The transition types are too varied, distracting and break concentration which is not good for relaxation. In addition, The transition times between images are too fast which means they can tend to break concentration and relaxation.

Special Techniques

The video uses a pan and zoom technique on still images to give the feeling of motion which I think aids relaxation.

Image Relaxation Videos – Nature Images And Beautiful Music Meditation By Thundralight


For me, this video does not quite work as a relaxation video. The music is good and there is good use of pan and zoom on still images but the images swap too fast and the image transitions are too abrupt. On the plus side, the video clips and images are great, so it could be put to good use as an ambient background video.

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