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Guided Visualization Meditation In Peaceful Valley Of Rivendell By TheHonestGuys

Meditation in Rivendell – The Peaceful Valley – Guided Visualization

… Guided Visualization – Enjoy this relaxing retreat into an enjoyable fantasy world specifically based in Middle Earth…


This guided relaxation video is also a guided visualization meditation video. Created by TheHonestGuys, it is 25 minutes long and uses visualization techniques that focus on a single theme of the guided visualization meditation for relaxation in the peaceful valley of Rivendell. It uses still images of nature scenes and special effects and there is a male instructor voiceover to guide you through the guided visualization techniques whilst nature sounds and/or relaxing music is played in the background.

Video Components


The main theme of this guided visualization meditation video is well focused on guided visualization, more specifically the guided visualization meditation for relaxation in the peaceful valley of Rivendell. There is also a secondary image relaxation theme based around nature scenes to aid visualization meditation and relaxation and support the guided visualization meditation theme.


The audio used in this guided visualization meditation video contains the voice of the male instructor. He has a very good tone tone of voice and his pace of delivery is great. At various points in the video, there is either relaxing music playing in the background, nature sounds (e.g. running water, bird song), or a combination of these. There are also a number of intervals where the instructor does not speak for about ten to fifteen seconds, or thereabouts.


The verbal instructions given by the male instructor in this guided visualization meditation video are clear and detailed. There first 1 minute 15 seconds of this video are the titles screens and an introduction. It is suggested you practice this session when you can make time or before going to sleep. This is also done whilst the screen contains white dots moving towards the viewer displayed on a black background, giving a feeling of travelling through the stars.

At 1 minute 15 seconds the screen begins to slowly cross fade into a beautiful lakeside scene with lush green trees and plants all around, and the male instructor begins the session:

Sit or lie down and make yourself comfortable.
Close your eyes and relax.
Understand that this time is for you, and you alone.
You don’t need to do anything except relax and allow yourself to have this time.
Breathe in deeply, feeling the clean fresh air entering your lungs.
Now, exhale, hot, tense, air.
Now take another deep breath, allowing your entire body to relax as you feel the cool refreshing air entering your lungs.
Exhale fully.
And now just breathe normally.
As you find yourself feeling more and more relaxed, I’m going to count down to 1.
As I count each number, you will feel more and more relaxed.
By the time I reach 1, you will have reached a sense of complete calm and will be completely serene.
Here we go. Eight. Feel any tension begin to leave your body. Seven. Each number drops from you like a peddle taking away any stresses or strains. Six. Feeling more relaxed. Five. Four. Feeling a sense of peace and contentment. Three. Your thoughts are getting calmer and calmer. Two. One. Experience the wonderful sense that is deep relaxation.

At about 5 minutes 30 seconds the screen is slowly cross faded into a mountain pass scene with lush green vegetation in the foreground whilst the instructor speaks:

The darkness dissolves slowly and you see that you are standing on a stone pathway.
You are barefoot and the stone is weathered.
It feel warm under your feet from baking in the sun’s summer rays.
Each side of you, trees clamber and clutch at rocky soil.
Heather blooms bright and mountain flowers nod softly in a mild wind.
Gorse bushes smoke with a scent like honey candles and from far up, you can hear the thin piercing cry and some great bird of prey.
The sound draws your eyes upward.
Far in the distance snow crowned mountains blaze white against a dark blue sky.
You begin to walk.
The path dips between boulders worn by time and furred by moss and lichen.
Small birds pipe from the tree and wild flowers patch small glades of grass.
The mountains slowly dip behind a rocky outcrop and you can hear the sound of water.
After a short time, you arrive at its source and stop.
The stream, set high in the hills, pours down and blocks your path with a curtain of glittering water.
It catches and flashes in the sunlight like gold glass, and you know you must pass through it to find what lies on the other side.
You expect the water to be icy cold but when you stand under it, it feels less like water than a rain of light that absorbs into your skin and washes you from the inside out.
The last traces of any stresses or strains you may be feeling are cleansed and washed away.
You take one step forward out of the glittering curtain and you find yourself perfectly dry.
Then, you stand in amazement.
the great steep sided valley that opens before you is inhabited.
Beautiful buildings of white and gold stone with wide balconies are cut through with waterfalls.
Some are slender as ribbons.
Others wide and powerful.
Soaring steps and slim ridges of stone connect houses and mansions built by hands that melded beauty and strength into one.
Tall urns spill green ferns and scented flowers.
There is a scent of honeysuckle, lavender, roses and cut grass under the warm sun.
Statues of warriors , clasping tall spears, stare as once their living images stared over ancient battles against the dark.
But, there is no war or darkness in this place, only the distant memories of it.
from somewhere comes a drift of music but you cannot find its source.
You walk slowly, following a path of shaped white stone, between low white walls garlanded with flowers.
You can sense that there are others here but cannot see anyone.
Nevertheless you clearly know that you have been seen and are welcome.
You pass a garden planted with old fruit trees.
A fountain in the shape of cupped hands allows water to flow into a shallow bowl.
You cross the soft short grass and cup your own hands to drink.
The taste is as clear and pure as wind over snow, potent as the finest wine.
Above you a shadow moves across a balcony but when you look, it has gone.
Once again, you follow the paths.
On either side, the view opens up and you can see the skill that built this refuge long ago.
Beautiful mansions and courts are founded deep into the rocky ledges.
From some of the roofs and trees, long silken banners fly, embroidered with a star.
Everywhere here, is the peaceful melody of water, of nameless tiny streams and the deeper sluice of the main river.
This blends with the almost ephemeral music to create a sound of dreaming enchantment.
A flash of gold catches your eye, away to the left across a green lawn planted with summer flowers, an elf walks.
He is very tall, hair the colour of melted gold in a jewel smith’s crucible.
His back is to you as he follows a path that curls upwards through rock and heather.
Above, you can see a ledge where, a single silver birch tree strokes the wind.
The elf reaches the tree and vanishes.
You feel the urge to follow, to see what is up there.
The path upward is laid by bark chippings that are soft under foot.
The short climb is easy.
As you reach the tree, you see a small glade, emerald grass dotted with tiny blue and white flowers and a slim waterfall that fills a clear pool.
The elf is nowhere to be seen.
You turn back and look over the spectacular valley, crowned like a queen by crystal curtains of water.
From here, you cam again see the misty mountains in the distance, their ragged peaks holding the snows of a thousand winters.
It is summer here.
You walk across the greensward, to the pool, green as jade and floored by smooth pebbles.
The sun is directly overhead and you lie down on the soft grass, closing your eyes.
The glade is a sacred place, although you do not know why, only that you could lie here and be at peace forever.
You smell the scents of the uplands, the fern and the moss, the crystal clear slide of water, the delicate flowers and the herbs and roses of the gardens where it seems summer lingers all year round.
From down in the valley, wind harps catch a drift of air and play their own tune of days gone by.
A voice, mellow as old gold, lifts in a song, older even than the wind.
The language is strange to you but the emotions are not.

At 18 minutes 40 seconds you are left to listen to the relaxing music and then he continues speaking at 19 minutes 5 seconds:

And so the water falls and the elven bard sings, and the birch tree sighs into the summer wind.
You absorb it all, as the sun slowly crossed the sky, leaving the green glade in shadow.
You open your eyes to watch a cloud, like a drift of gossamer, cross the intense blue of the sky.
A bird whirls across your view, immense wings outstretched to cross the updrafts.
Perhaps it is one of the great eagles told of in the stories of old.
Twilight steals across the mountains and the sun is gone down into the limitless west beyond the far away sea.
The moon now rides the sky.
The sound of water deepens into the darkness, a lullaby you’ll hear sleeping and waking forever.
A nightingale song resonates from the woodland beyond the river, and as twilight fades to night an owl calls.
Stars appear, embroidering the black sky with points of fire, white, blue and emerald red.
One of them burns like a fiery white crystal.
Slowly, you get to your feet, knowing that in your time here, you have made a place for yourself, one to return to whenever you choose.
This valley and its inhabitants have welcomed you and given you the time to weave your own thread into theirs.
They allowed you to this sacred glade and part of you will always be here.
A hand takes yours.
A ring gleams in the moonlight, wrought by the hands of the elvensmiths, into the design of a golden flower.
“Come” says a voice, that has commanded armies and lifted in song and wept tears unnumbered.
“Now, it is time to leave”.
You allow the elf to lead you to the pool.
You notice the stars reflected on its surface as you step into the water.
It feels like liquid starlight and the stars wash through you until your path takes you among them and you tread the roads of the sky.

At 22 minutes 59 seconds, during the last sentence the screen slowly begins to cross fade into white dots moving towards the viewer displayed on a black background, giving a feeling of travelling through the stars.

Slowly, the hand releases its grip with a: “until then”.
The stars surround you, then slowly dim as if with dawn.
Still, you can hear running in your blood, the fading sound of water, of song, and of distant harps.
You open your eyes to find yourself in the place where you first began your journey.
It is the same but you will always be different, always be drawn to the music of the peaceful valley.
And when it is time, you can return again.
Only you will know what you will see on your next journey.

At 25 minutes 15 seconds the title screens are displayed on the moving white dots whilst relaxing music plays until fading out with a black screen at the end of the video.


There are two scenes used in this guided meditation visualization video. The first is a riverside scene with reflections in the water. There is a path beside the river and green plants and trees all around it, and a mountain and some sky in the background. The second is a mountain scene where a pass can be seen between two mountains with snow capped mountains in the distance and lush green trees in the foreground. Both are aimed at creating a relaxing visual environment for the viewer.


The scene of this guided meditation visualization techniques video show images of a river, reflections, a path, plants, trees, mountains, snow and sky. The image sizes used for the image relaxation aspect of this guided visualization meditation video are all one size and fill the screen completely. Each image is displayed for a long length of time and serves to aid the focusing of attention and relaxation.


The transition types between images for the image relaxation aspect of this guided visualization meditation video are very slow simple cross fades which help maintain a relaxed state.

Special Techniques

This video uses a special effect which is white dots travelling towards the viewer on a black background which give the impression of travelling through a stars. This travelling effect is thought to have a relaxing effect on people.

Guided Visualization Meditation In Peaceful Valley Of Rivendell By TheHonestGuys


This guided visualization techniques video is excellent at taking you through a guided visualization meditation for relaxation in the peaceful valley of Rivendell. It is done at a relaxed pace, with a relaxed tone of voice from the male instructor and with relaxing nature sounds, relaxing music or a combination of these played in the background. The instructions are clear and have good detail. It also has an excellent simple image relaxation video aspect to it, displaying riverside and mountain scenes, which is/ also great for visualization meditation and relaxation.

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