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Why Are Nature Scene Videos Good For Relaxation And Meditation?

Nature videos are great for relaxation and meditation because they help you focus upon beautiful imagery and your mind can start to relax almost immediately. By using nature videos, meditation can be performed by anyone and it is not restricted to a specific religion or belief system. Nature scenes are merely a means of helping you relax and destress. Meditating on nature scenes is one of the best and easiest ways to elicit the relaxation response and thus relax, reducing the symptoms of stress.

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What Is A “Still” Or “Fixed” Video Scene?

A still video scene is one in which the camera is fixed in a single angle. This means that for the duration of the video, the camera angle does not change, it stays still in one place.

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What Is A “Motion” Or “Moving” Video Scene?

A motion video scene is one in where the camera angle is not fixed at one angle. This means that for the duration of the video, the camera angle changes, it moves through a range of camera angles.

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What Are The Benefits Of “Still” And “Motion” Nature Scene Videos?

The main benefit of nature scene videos is simple, they enable you to transform a digital screen into a nature scene experience which is a source of tranquillity and relaxation. They enable you to take advantage of the fantastic technology available in high definition TV screens by harnessing the healing powers of natural.
Nature scene videos can also be repeated, or looped endlessly. They are great to turn on as a background, also called ambient background video, while doing other tasks such as: reading, meditating, working, sleeping, or entertaining guests.
The difference between still and motion videos is that still videos enable you to more easily focus on a single scene, while motion videos provide a more interest through changing scenery. Slow moving motion videos can also provide an extra degree of calming effect simply through the effect of their scanning effect on the nature scene.

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How Do You Make Your Nature Scene Videos?

First, beautiful nature scenery is recorded as a high definition video on location. Second, the video is edited to improve the nature sounds or beautiful, relaxing music is incorporated into them. A voiceover may also be incorporated into the video.

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Why Do You Create Your Nature Scene Videos?

Watching nature scene videos can be profoundly helpful in reducing stress and very useful as a relaxation or meditation tool. Helping others discover the benefits of these videos is our passion. We enjoy refining our videos into useful products for others to receive the benefits of relaxation. With the modern and difficult lifestyles people have these days, we believe that finding a viable method of relaxation is very important to their health and well-being. We believe that the making of these videos makes a small positive difference in the lives of others.

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Does The Content Of Your Nature Scene Videos Vary?

Yes. All of our video titles are unique in some way, be it the beautiful scenery, the nature sounds, the relaxing music, the voiceover or the specific relaxation technique incorporated into the video. Our videos accurately capture the beauty of nature’s creation so you can enjoy it as if you were there.

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Is It A Single Pass Video Or Does It Have A Repeated Loop?

Some videos are professionally looped so that you are not able to detect when a scene repeats. On the other hand, some videos, and most of our latest additions, are shot in real-time and are single pass videos, not looped.

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What Is The Difference Between A DVD And Blu-ray Disc?

Blu-ray discs enable you to watch high definition videos in a greater degree of detail and clarity. Blu-ray provides around six times sharper image quality compared to standard DVD. However, as we record all our videos in HD, even our DVDs have excellent clarity compared to videos not shot in HD. To play and view our videos on a Blu-ray disc you must have a Blu-ray player and an HD TV.