All Frequently Asked Questions

About Relaxation Page

What Is Relaxation?
Is Relaxation Needed?
Is Relaxation Important?
Is Relaxation Easy?
What Is The “Relaxation Response”?
What Are The Effects Of The Relaxation Response?
What Works Best For Eliciting The Relaxation Response?
What Else Can I Do To Be More Relaxed?
What If I Fall Asleep When Eliciting The Relaxation Response?
What If I Can’t Find 20 Minutes Daily To Elicit The Relaxation Response?

Stress, Tension And Anxiety Page

What Are Stress, Tension And Anxiety?
What Is Stress?
What Is Tension?
What Is Anxiety?
What Other Terms Are Used Instead Of Stress, Tension Or Anxiety?
How Do I Get Stressed?
What Is The “Fight or Flight” Stress Response?
What Happens During The “Fight or Flight” Stress Response?

Stress, Stressors And Symptoms Page

What Is Good Stress?
What Is Bad Stress?
What Are Stressors?
What Are The Effects Of Unrelieved Stressors?
Can The Relaxation Response Prevent Stress, Tension Or Anxiety?
What Are The Symptoms of Stress, Tension And Anxiety?

Coping With Stress, Tension & Anxiety Page

How Can I Cope With Stress, Tension And Anxiety?
What Are Unhealthy Strategies For Coping With Stress, Tension And Anxiety?
What Are Healthy Strategies For Coping with Stress?

Relaxation Techniques And Routine Page

How Do I Choose Relaxation Techniques?
What Relaxation Routine Do I Need?

Active Relaxation Techniques Page

What Are Active Relaxation Techniques?
What Is Pranayama?
How Do Breathing Techniques Benefit Me?
What Is Autogenic Relaxation?
What Is Progressive Muscle Relaxation?
What Is Guided Imagery?
What Is Meditation?
What Are Positive Affirmations?
What Is Quotation Contemplation?
How Can I Benefit From Meditation?
Where Is A Good Place To Start With Meditation?
Why Do I Find It Difficult To Practice Meditation?
How Does Meditation Differ From Relaxation?
Is Guided Imagery Also Self-Hypnosis?
Can You Give An Example Of A Mind-Body Technique?

Nature Scene Videos Page

Why Are Nature Scene Videos Good For Relaxation And Meditation?
What Is A “Still” Or “Fixed” Video Scene?
What Is A “Motion” Or “Moving” Video Scene?
What Are The Benefits Of “Still” And “Motion” Nature Scene Videos?
How Do You Make Your Nature Scene Videos?
Why Do You Create Your Nature Scene Videos?
Does The Content Of Your Nature Scene Videos Vary?
Is It A Single Pass Video Or Does It Have A Repeated Loop?
What Is The Difference Between A DVD And Blu-ray Disc?


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