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Diaphragmatic Breathing Exercises (Belly Breathing) Explained By Treatment2Go

Diaphragmatic Breathing


This guided relaxation breathing exercises video by Treatment2Go is 4 minutes 8 seconds long and focuses on a single theme of the diaphragmatic breathing exercises, also known as deep breathing, belly breathing and abdominal breathing. The video uses still video of a female instructor who also acts as a female demonstrator.

Video Components


This relaxation video has a focused theme of diaphragmatic breathing exercises. There is an introduction by the female instructor about breathing, inactivity and stress and how we don’t breathe properly. She then instructs on, and demonstrates, the diaphragmatic breathing technique.


The audio used in this diaphragmatic breathing exercises video contains just the voice of the female instructor. Her voice has a nice tone and she talks at a relaxed pace.


The verbal instructions on diaphragmatic breathing provided by the female instructor clear and detailed. Before the instructions she talks about breathing in general, how society is generally inactive and breathes in a stressed way instead of breathing properly.


The female demonstrator is the same female that gives the instructions. In other words, she demonstrates whilst talking. She is in a frontal and part sideways seated body position on a stool and uses visual cues during the demonstration in the form of hand positioning and gestures on the abdomen or belly. Her use hands supports and reinforces her verbal instructions well. However, she makes no reference to the chest whereas many other demonstrations do.


This video has only one scene, that of the female instructor in a room with a blue screen behind.


The scene of this breathing exercises video show images of the female instructor in a room with a blue screen. The camera angle used is horizontal towards the front of the female instructor and blue screen.

Diaphragmatic Breathing Exercises (Belly Breathing) Explained By Treatment2Go


This diaphragmatic breathing exercises video is a good of explaining and demonstrating the breathing technique and is done at a relaxed pace. The instructions and demonstration are clear and the tone of the female instructor is relaxed. However, I would have liked some kind of information regarding the chest during the demonstration.

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