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Deep Relaxation Guided Meditation By The Honest Guys

Guided Meditation – Deep Relaxation


This guided relaxation meditation video by The Honest Guys is 12 minutes 6 seconds long and focuses on a single theme of the guided meditation for deep relaxation. It uses still video of a nature scene and there is a male instructor voiceover to guide you through the guided meditation techniques whilst nature sounds and relaxing music is played in the background.

Video Components


The main theme of this guided meditation relaxation video is well focused on guided meditation, more specifically the guided meditation for deep relaxation. There is also a secondary image relaxation theme based around a beach scene with waves rolling onto a beach to aid relaxation.


The audio used in this guided relaxation meditation video contains the voice of the male instructor. The tone and pace of the instructor is nice relaxing and an echo is applied to the voice. There is also relaxing music played in the background and nature sounds of waves rolling onto a beach.


The verbal instructions given by the male instructor in this guided relaxation meditation video are clear and detailed.

After 10 seconds of headphone instruction displayed on screen over the main scene the deep relaxation session begins as follows:

You are about to embark on a guided meditation journey.
Over the next few minutes, I will guide you in to a deep state of relaxation, where you will experience a wonderful calmness and meditative state of mind.
This time is for you, and you alone.
You don’t need to do anything, except relax and allow yourself to have this time.
You may wish to close your eyes or keep them open, or switch between both, it doesn’t matter which, just do whatever feels right for you.
You are always completely in control, and if at any time during this meditation you wish to return to your awakened state, you may do so simply by opening your eyes.
Breath in deeply. Exhale fully.
Again, breath in deeply and exhale fully.
Allow the sound of the waves to calm your mind.
Breath in deeply, exhale fully.
You may notice that thoughts and internal mental chatter are happening inside your mind.
This is completely normal.
These thoughts will begin to quiet down as you concentrate on listening to the sound of the waves.
As you listen to each wave coming in, you’ll find your mind gently begins to quiet.

Breath in deeply and exhale fully.
Breathing in cool refreshing air. Exhaling hot, tense air.
You may wish to close your eyes now, as you begin to feel more and more relaxed.

Allow the sounds of the ocean to wash over you.
Bringing you closer to the infinite source of energy within you.
Allow yourself to be in total peace with your surroundings.
Now, as you find yourself feeling more and more relaxed, I’m going to count down from five.
As I count each number, you will feel more and more relaxed, until you reach a sense of complete and wonderful relaxation.
Five. Feeling more relaxed.
Four. Allowing the sound of the waves to calm your mind.
Three. Slowing down your thoughts as you connect with the natural rhythms of the Universe.
Two. Your mind is calm.
One. Experience the blissful serenity that is deep relaxation.

Allow the sound of the waves to continue relaxing your whole body.
Take a few moments to enjoy this wonderful experience.

At about 7 minutes 12 seconds there is a pause in the instructions until 8 minutes 26 seconds before he continues:

You may wish to remain in this deeply relaxed state for a while after this recording has ended.
In which case, you don’t need to do anything right now.
When you are ready to resume your day, simply take a few deep breaths and open your eyes.

At about 11 minutes, the credits begin and the music begins to fade out until about 11 minutes 40 seconds. The scene also begins to fade out to white. The sound of the ocean waves continues until it fades out at the end of the video.


There is one relaxing scene used throughout the entire guided meditation relaxation video which is that of ocean waves rolling onto a beach with a sunset in the background.


The scene of this guided relaxation meditation techniques video show images of ocean waves rolling onto a pebble beach with a cloudy sky and sun in the distant background sunset.

The image size used for the image relaxation aspect of this guided relaxation meditation video is uniform throughout the video and fills the screen completely. I found this to aid the focusing of attention and relaxation.


There are no transitions used for the image relaxation aspect of this guided relaxation meditation video as only one continuous scene is used. However, read the note in the special effects section.

Special Techniques

This video also uses a special effects technique. The waves rolling onto the beach seem as though they are superimposed onto the main scene. it may even be using one clip of waves on a continuous loop with a slow cross fade used to make it appear seamless.

Deep Relaxation Guided Meditation By The Honest Guys


This guided meditation techniques video is excellent at taking you through a guided meditation session for a deep relaxation. It is done at a relaxed pace and with a relaxed tone of voice from the male instructor. There is also relaxing music and relaxing nature sounds. The instructions are clear and detailed. It also has an excellent simple image relaxation video aspect to it, displaying a sunset scene with ocean waves rolling onto a pebble beach which is great for relaxation and meditation.

What do you think about the video? Relaxing? Tell me in the comments!

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