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Autogenic Training Guided Relaxation For Deep Sleep By BodyMindPower

Autogenic Training – A guided Relaxation for a deep and restful sleep

This guidance with sleep music is very effective in helping you fall asleep fast … Autogenic training was developed by J.H. Schultz in the 20s and is a traditional and widespread form of self-hypnosis…


This guided relaxation video by BodyMindPower is 11 minutes 42 seconds long and is focused on the single theme of Autogenic muscle exercises. It uses still images of nature scenes and there is a female instructor voiceover to explain the Autogenic muscle relaxation techniques and there is relaxing music with nature sounds playing in the background.

Video Components


The main theme of this relaxation video is well focused on muscle relaxation exercises. The specific theme is that of the Autogenic relaxation technique. There is also a secondary image relaxation theme based around an image of the moon to aid relaxation.


This Autogenic muscle exercises video has an audio track with a female instructor voiceover. Her tone and pace is relaxing and there is also relaxing music and nature sounds such as ocean waves played in the background.


The verbal instructions are given by the female instructor and are very clear and detailed.

There is a 2 minutes introduction which prepares you for an Autogenic relaxation session.

You are then asked to repeat first person Autogenic phrases to yourself 3 times each during an 7 minute 30 seconds Autogenic relaxation session. The general format of the session is:

Heaviness Formula:
My arms and legs are heavy. (3 times)
I feel calm and relaxed. (1 time)
Warmth Formula:
My arms and legs are warm.
My arms and legs are pleasantly warm. (2 times)
I feel calm and relaxed. (1 time)
Heart Formula:
My heartbeat is calm and regular. (3 times)
I feel calm and relaxed. (1 time)
Breathing Formula:
My breathing is slow and regular. (3 times)
I feel calm and relaxed. (1 time)
Solar Plexus Formula:
My Solar Plexus is warm. (3 times)

There is then an ending which has no instructions but continues to play the relaxing music and nature sounds which lasts about 2 minutes. There are no awakening or alertness instructions as this session is meant to help you go into a deep sleep.


There is just one scene used in this Autogenic muscle relaxation video which is the image of the moon against a black background. This image is appropriate as the video is intended to help you sleep, presumably at night.


The scene of this Autogenic muscle relaxation techniques video show just a single image, that of the moon. Simple but effective at representing nighttime when most people would use this video to help them sleep.

Autogenic Training Guided Relaxation For Deep Sleep By BodyMindPower


This guided relaxation video with an example of Autogenics muscle relaxation techniques is excellent at explaining and facilitating a muscle exercises session for deep sleep. The session is done at a relaxed pace and the female instructor gives clear instructions with a relaxing tone of voice.

There is also a good simple image relaxation video aspect to it, displaying the image of the moon throughout the video which is appropriate for relaxation during the evening before falling asleep to the video.

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