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Animoto Simple Image Relaxation Videos – Relaxing Nature – Relaxing Pictures

Animoto Simple Image Relaxation Videos - Relaxing Nature - Relaxing Pictures - Cornwall Coastline Relaxation Image

Animoto Simple Image Relaxation Videos – Relaxing Nature – Relaxing Pictures is about using Animoto video slideshows as simple Image relaxation videos.

Animoto can be used to quickly create short break relaxation videos using your own relaxing pictures, video clips and music. Here we give a little background to relaxation and suggest how to use these Animoto simple image relaxation videos.

Note: Please note that these Animoto image relaxation videos are not hypnosis methods or brain washing sessions. They simply aim to help people that cannot get comfortable or relax.

Benefits Of Relaxation Videos

Not only is relaxation of benefit to your bodily well being, your spirit and your mind will also be benefited. People not able to relax and unwind, quite regularly experience the lack of ability to focus their mind and concentrate. Relaxation videos are aimed at assisting people to relax by helping them focus their attention on something pleasant, usually a series of relaxing nature scenes combined with relaxing music.

General Types Of Image Relaxation Videos

What we call image relaxation video can be generally categorized into two types:

  1. Simple – These are just a simple mixture of relaxing visuals with relaxing audio. The audio is frequently in the form of relaxing music, nature sounds or a mixture of both.
  2. Guided – These have an extra dimension included in them in the form of guidance. The guidance is usually a relaxing voice provide instructions, or it may be text messages read on the display screen, or a combination of the two.

Prepare To Use Simple Image Relaxation Videos

A with many activities in life, preparation is usually required and relaxation in no exception. Use the following point to prepare yourself for your Animoto image relaxation videos:

  • Distractions – Like most methods of relaxation and meditation, it is best if you can ensure that there are minimal distractions within your immediately controllable environment. In other words, you should give the relaxation session your complete attention and focus. Your focus should not be divided by anything else, so the TV and radio, and even your telephones, including your mobile phone should be turned off or put in a silent mode.
  • Time – Ensure that you have sufficient time available to undertake and finish the relaxation session, which with a basic Animoto image relaxation video would be below 10 minutes;
  • Posture – It is usually best if you are seated upright in a comfy seat. Whatever posture you have during your relaxation session, make sure you notice that you are comfy throughout the session. Holding a good posture is to your advantage as it enables you to gain the benefits from the relaxation session.
  • Lighting – Turning the lighting down, if possible, would create a more relaxed atmosphere for relaxation.

Using Simple Image Relaxation Videos

There is no hard and fast rule about how to use image relaxation videos. Infact, it is probably best that you do whatever feels best to you. However, here are some pointers that you might like to consider:

  • Focus – Begin the relaxation video and focus your mind on the nature pictures. Try contemplating on the shapes, colours, textures and whatever they represent in your life;
  • Notions – Lovingly discard distracting notions that might materialize in your mind. The best approach is to just be conscious that your notions are fleeting and that engaging with them right in this moment is not necessary.
  • Preconceptions – It is probably best not to have any predetermined notions regarding what relaxation is about. Just let yourself be engrossed in the relaxation session and just accept whatever happens during your session

When The Relaxation Video Ends

A few simple tips on what to do after the image relaxation video has finished:

  • Breath – When the video is finished, take some deep breaths and exhale slowly;
  • Lighting – It is best not to rush. When you are ready, turn up the lights.

Example Animoto Simple Image Relaxation Video

Cornwall Coastline Relaxation Music Video! Relaxation Techniques For Anxiety Relief Video!

The above example simple image relaxation video contains a series of images taken along the Cornwall coastline in England.

Summary On Animoto Image Relaxation Videos

The template used for the above example relaxation video in Animoto causes the images not fill the screen completely, and the transitions are too varied and distracting. Animoto has a range of templates to use. The use of another simpler template would be better for relaxation videos.

I hope you found Animoto Simple Image Relaxation Videos – Relaxing Nature – Relaxing Pictures useful or interesting. Moreover, I hope these types of short break simple image relaxation videos help some people to relax. If only for a short time, I hope they help people get absorbed by the relaxing music and relaxing pictures to take a break from whatever stresses they have in their lives. At a minimum I hope they serve as a brief, welcome and pleasant time out from the stresses of life.

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